Claiming expenses and using your UoD purchase card whilst working from home

Published on 4 May 2020

Information for staff about buying IT equipment for home use and claiming expenses

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Working from home is new for many of us and whilst you adjust to your new routine, you may find that your home set-up is completely different to your work one. We’ve received a number of questions about buying IT equipment for home use, and have answered these below.

If you have any other question(s) regarding expenses, your UoD purchase card, or any other aspect of finance, please contact Help4U quoting that your query should be directed to “1U – Finance & Procurement”. A member of the Finance team will respond to your question.

We appreciate that individual circumstances differ and ask that you are mindful of the University’s policy, processes and regulations where applicable.

The answers apply regardless of the source of funding.

Can I buy equipment and peripherals for use at home and claim back from the University using the OneUniversity Travel and Expenses module or on my UoD Purchase Card?

Please hold off on buying any IT equipment. UoD IT are actively working with our suppliers and hope to announce soon that all equipment available on the IT Buying webpages for individual users will be available for home delivery*, including:

  • Laptops (for new starts) which come with the standard staff desktop
  • Docking stations
  • 23” Monitors
  • Keyboard & mouse combos

*subject to availability

In addition, the wider supply chain have also agreed to provide home delivery for other items requested (e.g. mobile phones, JABRA headsets, webcams etc). Please contact Help4U with your requirements.

Please continue to request IT equipment through Help4U as you normally would, and remember that all requests will still need to be justified and approved in the usual way. UoD IT will record all items purchased for home delivery and you will be responsible for the care of this equipment and the return of it to the university when required to do so.

Forward planning

Manufacturers are likely to prioritise deliveries of equipment to NHS orders and deliveries are therefore subject to change. Most suppliers have also had to change their normal processes for safety and social distancing rules which inevitably means delivery timescales are longer. Please plan for this additional time.

What should I do if I have already bought equipment using my UoD purchase card or by making an expense claim through OneUniversity?

Continue to use the equipment for now. We will collate a list of all items bought in this manner. Once things have returned to normal ALL equipment supplied by UoD IT or purchased through the T&E system or on a Purchase card should be returned to the University. (Details on this will follow at the appropriate time)

I am unsure of the Universities policy on Travel and Expenses.

Please refer to the UoD Staff Expenses, Travel and Working Overseas Policy.

What are the top things I should know about the UoD Staff expenses, travel and working overseas policy?

Although not exhaustive, the following points should be noted:

  • Expense claims should be submitted within 3 months of the expenses being incurred
  • Airfares, Accommodation and Train tickets should always be purchased through Key Travel.
  • A valid receipt or invoice and appropriate cost code/ coding string must be submitted with the claim.
  • Taxable benefits such as relocation costs and UK Visa costs should NOT be claimed through the OneUniversity system.

I am an approver within the OneUniversity system. What things should I be looking out for when I am approving a requisition, expenses claim or purchase card transaction?

The University has prepared guidance on the need to reduce unnecessary spend at this critical time please speak to your line manager if unsure. It should also be noted that approvers responsibilities are unchanged and at all times approvers should ensure spend is appropriate and is required to support University activities. Additional guidance can be found on Box.

 In addition, the key things to consider are:

  • Is the expenditure within University policy and if for a specifically funded project within the terms and conditions of that funding?
  • Is there sufficient documentation attached to justify / evidence the spend e.g. quotes, invoices, receipts?
  • Is the coding correct and will it be charged to the correct cost centre?
  • Is the spend reasonable? Reasonableness is subjective, but if I was to be challenged on why I approved it would I be comfortable in my answer?

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