Academic Year 2020/21

Published on 21 July 2020

The University is committed to delivering a high standard of teaching, assessment, and student experience for the Academic Year 2020/21

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The University of Dundee is dedicated to providing you with high quality tuition and the best student experience.

The Academic Year 2020/21 presents all of us within our community and in society unprecedented challenges due to the impact of Covid-19 and the consequent health and safety restrictions.

During this time, we will do everything to ensure there is a safe environment for our staff and students.

We are introducing various measures to ensure safe teaching methods and accommodation while at the same time providing high quality teaching, opportunity for safe social interaction, and access to healthcare.

Information commitment

In this time of high uncertainty, the University wishes to ensure that:

  • prospective students can access the information they need to make the choices that are best for them
  • all students understand what they can expect in terms of teaching and support available; and
  • students have access to clear, accurate and timely information including information on course content, structure, and the impact of Covid-19

There are important terms that we wish to bring to your attention as they may have a direct impact on you and your course so that we can work with you to bring you the best experience in these turbulent circumstances.

Course information

All courses will continue to conform to the University of Dundee Quality and Academic Standards 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 we may not be able to deliver the course as previously advertised; or if you are a returning student, what you experienced previously.

For specific details on how your course is affected (if at all), your School will be in contact with you directly. If you have any specific queries, please contact your relevant School office.

General quality assurance commitment

Where changes are made to courses and modules this will be done in a manner that continues to support your achievement of the agreed Learning Outcomes.

Our programmes will continue to meet the requirements outlined by both the UK Quality Code and our own policies to ensure the quality and academic standards of our courses and your qualifications are maintained and there is continued alignment with subject benchmarks and Professional, Statutory and, Regulatory Body requirements.

Optional modules

Please note that while core modules for your course will be maintained, optional modules may be subject to change and not be available this year.

Teaching delivery

Whilst the composition of your course is unlikely to change to a material extent how it will be delivered may be subject to change.

We plan to offer courses wherever possible in a blended mixture of online and face-to-face teaching, to allow for the greatest flexibility in student learning depending on what public health guidelines are in place.

As government advice allows, we will increase the level of face-to-face teaching, as quickly and as far as possible.

The balance between the various elements, such as the number and type of contact hours that you can expect (for example, lectures, seminars, work placements, feedback on assignments), the expected workload (for example the expected self-study time) could be subject to change depending on external factors such as government restrictions on social distancing.

Methods of assessment/placements

The overall method(s) of assessment for your course, for example by exams, coursework or practical assessments, etc (or a combination of these) may be subject to change. For example, there may be limitations placed on the University in placing you with another organisation for work placements, practical assessments or electives.

We will offer as much as possible of our small group teaching, plus practical, studio, clinical skills and laboratory teaching, in a face-to-face format with appropriate social distancing in place. This will be heavily dependent on individual subjects/disciplines and programme structure, and your School will provide more information about this during the summer.

Location of study

The physical location of study or possible locations could be subject to change. There may be restrictions placed on the University in terms of access to school spaces, laboratories, libraries, studios, lecture theatres and other teaching spaces on campus.

Contingency for lockdown

Whilst the University is making every effort to welcome you back to campus, in the event of another lockdown situation the University has capacity to continue to provide teaching and learning and other support services through its on-line infrastructure.

Keep up to date with the University's response to Covid-19

Also, please refer to the University’s terms and conditions


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