Researchers are investigating a diverse range of topics. All are members of Alzheimer's Research UK Scotland Network Centre.


NameTitleAreas of interest
Prof Mike Ashford Head of Division of Molecular and Clinical Medicine BACE1 activity and the regulation of metabolism.
Prof Calum Sutherland
Professor of Molecular Medicine
Insulin signalling and disease - A link between Diabetes and Alzheimer's?
Prof Daan van Aalten Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow & Associate Dean , Division of Molecular Microbiology  Structural aspects and mechanism of protein-carbohydrate interactions. Design molecules that modulate these interactions in biological systems & have applications as research tools or leads for the development of chemotherapeuticals.
Dr Jenni Harvey
Wellcome University Senior Lecturer , Division of Neuroscience Hippocampal synaptic function in health and disease. Role of leptin in neurodegenerative disorders.
Prof Emanuele Trucco
NRP Professor of Computational Vision Created and co-ordinates VAMPIRE (Vascular Measurement and Assessment Platform for Images of the REtina). The VAMPIRE project is a international collaboration of medical image analysis centres in Europe, Asia, the US and South America.


Prof Rory McCrimmon


Professor of Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism, Associate Dean of Research (School of Medicine)  The main focus of work within the McCrimmon laboratory is the central regulation of glucose and energy metabolism in diabetes and metabolic disorders. 
Dr Rosamund Langston
Lecturer in Behavioural Neuroscience, Division of Neuroscience Using novel developmental animal models of memory combined with behavioural and in vivo pharmacological and electrophysiological techniques to pinpoint critical structures for episodic memory in the mammalian brain in health and disease.
Dr Miratul Muqit
Wellcome Intermediate Clinical Fellow, Clinical Lecturer in Neurology, MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit  Clinical: clinico-molecular characterisation of patients with early-onset neurodegenerative disorders. Biochemical: Elucidation of signal transduction networks in neurodegenerative diseases with a particular interest in kinases mutated in disease.
Dr Norman Alm
Honorary Research Fellow, School of Computing  Possible applications of communication and information technology to assist people with dementia.
Prof Timothy Kelly
Professor of Social Work, School of Education, Social Work and Community Education  Supporting carers. Supporting people with dementia at home.

Prof Carol MacKintosh

Professor of Molecular Signalling and and Head of Postgraduate Studies Diabetes and cancer as disorders of 'signal multiplexing' in the vertebrate animals.
Dr Stephen Land
Programme Lead (Biomedical Sciences) Growth factor signalling and neuron survival responses. The link between BACE1, sprouty proteins and TrkB signalling. Regulation of the neural genome by Sprouty 2 and 4.

Clinical Researchers

NameTitleAreas of interest
Dr. Peter Connelly  Clinical Research Champion – Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases The recognition of very early cognitive impairment in older people. Predicting response to cholinesterase inhibitors. Development of user and carer defined outcomes to pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions. The use of antipsychotic drugs for behaviour disturbance in people with severe dementia.
Dr. Ashleigh Duthie Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry , Susan Carnegie Centre, Stracathro Hospital, Brechin. Email:  Use of antidementia medications in Scotland: Views of Old Age Psychiatrists. Non-psychiatric comorbidity associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Dr. Cesar Rodriguez Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Susan Carnegie Centre, Stracathro Hospital, Brechin. Email: 
Pychopharmacology & Dementia.
Dr. Shona Walker

Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry , Kingsway Care Centre, Dundee. 

Provides Old Age Psychiatry input to Central East Dundee. Training Programme Director for the Old Age Psychiatry Scheme in the East Deanery. Involved in the Long Term Treatment & Rehabilitation Group and also in planning for a new facility for the Continuing Care Functional patient group in Dundee.