Access to a university education should be open to all, regardless of financial circumstances.

Unprecedented financial pressures mean that some students may never have the chance to pursue the subjects they're passionate about. 

The Scholarship and Bursary Fund has been set up to offer support to those who may otherwise struggle to attend or to continue at university. Students with the talent and drive to study at Dundee will receive the help they need to succeed. 

And it's your support that makes this possible. 

"I benefitted from my experiences at university educationally, socially and personally. It feels right to support others in this." ~ K Winter, donor since 2004

Your gift today is an investment in generations of students, both now and for the future. Thanks to you, students will have the chance to make the most of their time here, free from money worries. 

Please make your gift today, and make a life-changing education possible. Thank you!

 For more information on how you can change the lives of current and future students through the Scholarship and Bursary Fund, get in touch with the team