Residences Update 21/05/2020


Although advice regarding travel has changed in England, travel to collect belongings, or to return to a permanent home is NOT YET regarded as essential in Scotland.
The Scottish Government has announced that steps will be taken to ease the current lockdown measures from 28/05/2020, but it is not yet confirmed whether this will allow travel to collect belongings, or return to a permanent home address.  

We ask that you DO NOT travel to or from the University until you hear more information from us after that date.

This is for your safety and the safety of others.


Residences Update 16/04/2020


We have now shortened the bookings of those students who have given Notice to Quit and told us via our survey that they have left their accommodation. We have sent confirmation by email to your UoD and personal email. If you have been paying rent monthly you have been paying rent in arrears. Most students will have an outstanding balance to pay.

If you have queries about payments contact the Cash Office. If your accommodation was in The Hub, contact the CRM team.


If you have left your accommodation, but your booking has not yet been shortened, please email us to let us know.


If you have left belongings in your room these will be left securely until you are able to collect them. You DO NOT need to empty your room by 20/04/2020 – travel to University to collect belongings is not considered essential. We will be in touch with you to arrange collection once government advice concerning travel changes.


If you still have keys please try to return them as soon as you can (see the key return instructions below).


If you plan to leave your accommodation before the end of your contract, please let us know by email once you have left your room. 

If you have previously told us you plan to leave before 20/04/2020, but are now unable to, we understand that your plans may change unpredictably as they could depend on government advice/restrictions here in Scotland and across the world. We are happy to extend your contract if you need it. Alternatively, if advice changes and you decide to leave your accommodation, please let us know by email.


Further information can be found on Government webpages, and the University's Coronavirus webpage.



Residences Update 25/03/2020

All students in University allocated accommodation should complete this survey to confirm if they wish to remain in accommodation or terminate their lease. [Survey now closed to new responses]

Complete this survey even if you have already told the Residences Team by phone or email that you have left your accommodation. 
Please only complete this survey more than once if your decision or circumstances change.  


If you have chosen to move out and want to be released from your contract please see below:

  • If you still have your keys, please hold on to them and return them via post once you can or in person after the movement restrictions have been lifted. The return addresses are listed at the bottom of this page
    For security, the keys must be returned in a padded envelope and a note inside giving your name, ID number and hall address - we recommend you use recorded delivery.
  • If you have chosen to end your lease agreement, the notice period begins retrospectively from 23 March, which was identified as an appropriate date in recognition of University buildings being closed in line with government advice. This means your lease agreement will end on 20 April, if you have left your room by that time.

  • If you have already vacated your room and have left any personal belongings in your room, these will remain secure until you are able to collect them. Please note that the University reserves the right to pack your belongings and move them to an alternative secure location after your lease expires on 20 April. Details of this will be shared with you if this option is chosen.

  • The Scottish Government has advised that travelling home from Halls of Residences or to Halls of Residences to collect belongings is no longer considered essential travel
  • If you give notice, your lease will be cancelled with effect from 20 April and you will no longer be charged rent for the room.  If you have already made payment of your accommodation fees, an appropriate refund will be processed accordingly.  If you pay by direct debit, we will be in touch in due course to tell you how this will be impacted.  We appreciate your patience as we process these requests during this busy time.  Please do not contact us about this at this time but rest assured that we will process refunds in line with this decision as soon as we can.

If you are remaining in your accommodation:

University halls of residence continue to operate and many of you will be staying on in your accommodation. Please complete the survey to confirm that you wish to remain in your accommodation.

  • What if I change my mind and decide I want to leave?

Please ensure you are familiar with the government advice regarding whether travel is permitted - this includes both the United Kingdom and any country you may intent to travel to. If you change your mind about staying please complete the survey again to update us of your decision.  You will be able to terminate your contract with 4 weeks’ notice at any time.


Further information can be found on Government webpages, and the University's Coronavirus webpage



Key Return Instructions:

For security, the keys must be returned in a padded envelope and a note inside giving your name, ID number and hall address - we recommend you use recorded delivery.

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Heathfield Office
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The Hub
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