You can apply for University Accommodation once you've firmly accepted our offer (conditional or unconditional) as your first choice.

Dundee your first choice

You can apply for University Accommodation (this is normally from April onwards) once you've firmly accepted our offer (conditional or unconditional) as your first choice.

Whether you're Undergraduate, Postgraduate or an Exchange student, we'll email you once you've firmly accepted Dundee. You'll then be able to access our room booking website where you can apply.



Accept your course offer

Firmly accept your offer for Dundee as your first choice

Check your email

We'll email you to let you apply

Apply for your room

Apply for your room, let us know about any preferences

Accept your room offer

We'll make you an offer for a room, you'll need to accept this before the deadline to confirm

Dundee your second choice

You can't apply for accommodation until you know that you'll definitely be coming to Dundee. If you've made us your second/Insurance choice, then this won't be until you know your grades in August. Whilst we can't always guarantee we'll be able to find you a room, we'll give you lots of information about all the accommodation options available.

How do you allocate rooms?

We try to match up people in our residences to create well balanced flats. We take into account:

  •  Age
  •  Course type
  •  Date of application
  •  Existing friends
  •  Gender preferences
  •  Health issues
  •  If you prefer peace and quiet
  •  Length of lease
  •  Nationality
  •  Personal statements

We're not always able to guarantee that the accommodation allocated to you will be amongst your preferences, but we will make every effort to match your needs to the most appropriate accommodation available.

If you have friends who are also coming to Dundee, please let us know by writing each others names in the Additional Notes box. We'll try to let you share a flat although we can't guarantee this.

Am I guaranteed a room?

The University of Dundee gives priority to applicants who come from the greatest distance.  

This means that 'Rest of United Kingdom' (RUK) and Overseas Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate Taught (PGT) and Postgraduate Research (PGR) applicants are guaranteed an offer of University or Private accommodation if they apply before 31 August 2018.  

Scottish and EU UG and PGT candidates are guaranteed an offer of University or Private accommodation if they apply before 15 June 2018.

Can I view the room I have been offered in residences l before I move in?

Unfortunately we're not able to offer viewings of individual rooms. A visit to an example student flat is included as part of our Open Days.

Accepting your room offer

Once we've allocated you a room we'll make you an offer for a room. This offer has a Reply By date. If you don't accept your offer by this date we may withdraw your offer and allocate your room to someone else.

When you accept you'll need to pay a prepayment of £300 to secure your booking. If your offer is Conditional, and you fail to meet the conditions to come to Dundee, we'll refund your pre-payment.

Disabled Facilities

We have a number of rooms and flats with special adaptations for students with disabilities. If your disability is severe, or if you believe it would affect your ability to live in our flats, please contact Admissions to let them know. We'll then be able to research any adjustments you and any helper may require.

What do I need to bring?

Find out all you need to know about moving to our accommodation.

Moving In

Need more help?

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