From Assignment to Exams

Prepare for Exams...

For advice regarding the different skills needed to write successfully in exams and / or revision strategies for exams or resits please see the Exam Revision Toolkit on My Dundee Groups and Communities.

1:1 help from timed writing or writing under exam conditions is also available before the exam diet by contacting

 Prepare to Resit...

If you find you have a resit we recommend you :-

  • Confirm the details with your academic school and arrange a meeting with your module tutor(s) to discuss your failed paper(s). This will help you focus your revision. Email your tutor or the school office to arrange this as soon as you have your results.
  • Access any Revision Resources available on your specialist subject module on My Dundee as soon as you know you have a resit.
  • Access The Exam Revision Toolkit on My Dundee (Groups and Communities)
  • Contact the Enquiry Centre to arrange payment for your resits.

 You will need to

  • find out what went wrong the first time
  • establish good revision techniques
  • adpat your planning and the timing of your exam answers
  • develop good exam strategies
  • handle the stress

These are transferable skills key to academic success beyond the exams. If you wish to discuss any of these with an academic skills tutor during the revision period please Contact

For Specialist Subject Revision

Please contact your module tutors and school office for specific revision material for your failed paper(s) as this will help focus your revision.