STEP UP to Transitions

If you are an Associate Student who is studying their first year at Dundee & Angus College and also fully matriculated at the University of Dundee, this module will support you in your transition from College to University level environment. The module will also focus you on the key academic skills you will require for your direct entry into second year.

Running in Semester 2 each year, this module supports you alongside your HN studies at College.

The Academic Skills Centre's, STEP UP module was runner up in the Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs) Student Engagement Awards 2018. It was a great achievement to be shortlisted and terrific to get this recognition for the work being done here at the University of Dundee.

Participant Quotes

"STEP UP is like polish, polishing off the rough edges.  There is a way that academic work is supposed to be done."

"Before we started the STEP UP module, we very much felt like college students because this is where we always were. [...]  When you came on to actual campus to be there once a week and associating with the staff and being sent off to do research in the library or, as we discovered, all the hidden IT suites at the bottom of the tower building which never knew were there.  It was good to get to know the place and to get to know people in it."

"For the first time you actually felt like you were a University student rather than a College student."

"[The tutors] gave you a lot more independence, it’s almost like they see you as adults and they taught you that way."

"It’s working for me so well [note-taking technique].  I would never have known about that if it wasn’t taught to me in STEP UP.  I feel like now my revision is so much more effective because of that way of notetaking."

For more information about our STEP UP modules, contact Michael Allardice
Tel: 01382 3 84127

Gateway to Learning

This is a series of stand-alone workshops covering the basic learning and teaching culture of the University and is open to you as a new undergraduate student. Topics you will engage with in the workshops include: note-taking, lectures, academic writing, learning styles and assessment processes.

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Gateway to Postgraduate Study 

This series of workshops is aimed at new postgraduate students on taught and research based programmes. Over four workshops, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique learning environment that the University provides for its postgraduates. These workshops will also give you the opportunity to begin the networking process that's important at this level of study.

An abridged one workshop version of the programme is available in January.

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Widening Access Activities

We support the University's widening access programmes, both online and on-campus. Each summer, the Access Summer School sees over 100 students enter the University with the intention of gaining an undergraduate place in September. We run a module for all those students enabling them to develop their academic skills and supporting their studies for their other modules on the Access Summer School. We also provide academic skills modules for students unable to spend their summer on-campus through the Virtual Learning Environment; once again supporting them in their ambitions to become undergraduates at the University of Dundee.