Maths & Numeracy and Computing Support 

Our colleagues in Science and Engineering are offering two online Café drop-in services for maths and computing.

The Café drop-ins are virtual places for anyone doing mathematics or computing modules giving you the opportunity to chat to an experienced tutor to explore problems and find solutions. The Cafés are also suitable for general maths or computer programming questions which might not fit into any module. For example, if you are a level 3 student and have forgotten something from level 1 that you need now or you are perhaps doing a personal project that you need maths or computing support with. We can try to help with all levels but be aware that level 3 and above often contains specialist topics that are best dealt with by individual module leaders.

Bring your own snack, tea, coffee or drink of your choice to the Cafés!

The Maths Café Details

The online drop-ins run during Week 1-11 of Semester 2 (17 January -  1 April 2022)

  • Monday (1-2pm): mathematics modules on any level
  • Tuesday (11am-12noon):  mathematics and mathematics for physics on any level
  • Wednesday (11am-12noon): mathematics modules on levels 1-3
  • Thursday (2-3pm): mathematics modules on levels 1-4
  • Friday (11am-12noon) - MA12001 and mathematics for physics on levels 1-4

Contact Dr Ewa Bieniecka if you have any questions.

The Computing Café Details

The online drop-ins run during Week 1-11 of Semester 2 (17 January – 1 April 2022)

Mon-Fri 2-3pm each day

Contact Dr Michael Crabb if you have any questions.

How to Join the Maths or Computing Café meetings 

  • If you are not a Science and Engineering student, you will need to request to access to the  School of Science and Engineering Team (SSEN) in advance to be able to join a drop-in. (Select the request link, select 'Join the meeting' then select 'Request access'). You can do this at anytime. 
  •  At the appropriate time join the Maths Café 2021-22  or Computing Café