Exam Bites offer you advice on planning and organising your revision, study strategies, what to do during the exam and how to cope with any exam nerves.

  1. Preparing and revising for your exam
  2. During your exam

Each of the Bites in the series has been created as a web page using MIcrosoft Sway, which allows you to select accessibility options or to export the content into PDF or Word formats.

Revision Bites offers more advice

How to use Exam Bites

You can use the Bites in a number of different ways. If you’d like comprehensive advice on how to study more effectively, you may find it useful to view the Bites in order. However, the resource has also been designed to allow you to dip in and out according to what you’re looking for – most of the  web pages stand on their own, as well as being part of the larger series.

Also see our new resource Revision Bites which comprises a number of short articles – or Bites – around key elements of effective revision.

Exam Bites

Exam Bite 1A

Organising your revision

Exam Bite 1B

Avoiding procrastination

Exam Bite 1C

Focussing your revision

Exam Bite 2A

Study strategies

Exam Bite 2B

Study strategies - how you learn

Exam Bite 3

Building recall into your revision

Exam Bite 4

Using past papers & sample questions

Exam Bite 5A

Exam types - essays

Exam Bite 5B

Exam types - non-essay

Exam Bite 6

Exam strategies

Exam Bite 7

Coping with exam stress


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