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During your studies, in addition to being able to use technology, you'll be expected to develop and demonstrate a range of skills and capabilities (often referred to as graduate attributes). These will allow you to work effectively and securely online at university, and prepare you for a digital society.

This applies to all areas of study and is regardless of discipline. Collectively these skills and attributes form part of what is referred to as digital literacies.

Reflective survey: How Digital Are You?

There are five categories of specific skills or abilities outlined in the Digital Literacies Framework‌:

  1. Understand and engage in digital practices.
  2. Find information.
  3. Critically evaluate information, online interaction and online tools.
  4. Manage and communicate information.
  5. Collaborate and share digital content.

You can complete our online reflective questionnaire to give you a sense of your own level of skills, abilities and competencies and how well you work within today's digital environment.

If you prefer to complete a paper version use our PDF or Word versions:


Learn more about the importance of digital literacies and explore resources linked to the 5 areas. Digital literacy - what is it? 

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