We value high quality teaching as part of our mission and strategy. We recognise and reward excellent teaching by supporting awards at School and Institutional level.

The Chancellor’s Award and the Honorary Graduates’ Award for Inclusive Practice take into account the developing School Good Practice Awards and the Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs).

These two awards complement discipline-specific awards, such as the FaME (Faculty of Medical Educators) and the DUSA-organised Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTAs), where teachers are nominated by their students based on what has best supported their learning over the year.

Chancellor’s Award

This award aims to acknowledge and reward senior teachers for outstanding achievement in contributions to teaching with us over a significant period of time. Winners will also have demonstrated effective leadership in teaching and mentorship of new teachers. They will have made significant contributions to the development and promotion of excellence in teaching within their respective discipline and/or the wider University. Up to four awards are made each academic year.

  • Each School is invited to nominate one individual each year; closing date for 2020 nominations was 1 December 2020
  • Contact the Head of the Academic Skills Centre, Dr Lorraine Anderson, for more information.

Current Winners 2020-21

Dr Stephen Land, Senior Lecturer, School of Life Sciences

Dr Stephen Land‌Dr Stephen Land has taught across different Schools at the University for 22 years, and has been instrumental in the design, refinement and stewardship of the biomedical suite of programmes at Dundee. He is highly regarded both at home and abroad, receiving numerous awards for innovation and the quality of his teaching, many for initiatives which have become an integral part of the teaching and learning experience in all SLS undergraduate programmes. As a member of the Physiological Society's Education and Outreach Committee, he has helped develop a MOOC for the Society and instigated a partnerhip with the Life Sciences Teaching Resource Community as an international repository for teaching material.

Stephen was recently appointed Academic Regional Lead for the University in the Middle East and North Africa, and has successfully implemented a study abroad partnership with the School of Humanities to deliver an educational programme suitable for STEM students from the USA, which has enhanced the University's reputation and profile there.

He tirelessly supports students in their studies, wellbeing and in developing their employability skills. Stephen takes this forward not only through his undergraduate teaching, but also by championing the international Global Undergraduate Awards at which Dundee students have had great success, and by working closely with DUSA and other student societies. He holds the honour of being nominated for the DUSA Student-Led Teaching Awards every year since 2000.

Dr Linda McSwiggan, Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences

Linda McSwiggan‌Dr Linda McSwiggan has made an exceptional contribution to the School of Health Sciences and the University throughout her career. She has demonstrated substantial achievements in curriculum development across the University’s spectrum of education, most recently in her leadership of the interdisciplinary Professional Doctorate, and has made impactful innovations in programme delivery. The key to her success has been Linda’s inclusive and proactive approach to leadership that has ensured genuinely collaborative development.
Linda has also led a number of successful teaching initiatives in support of institutional priorities including student retention; developing resilience in PG students; the creation of effective models of practice for use in international student recruitment, and the promotion of inclusive and equitable approaches to teaching. The success of these initiatives has been recognised by both internal and external awards, in addition to an enhanced student experience. She was a key part of the team who led and developed the Global Health Challenge work, and its impact remains strong in the University today as Schools continue to have an outward-facing and inclusive approach to education.
Alongside this, Linda shows outstanding commitment to public engagement, the student experience and to the wider work of the Institution, including encouraging, supporting, and promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing of staff, students and the wider community.

Previous Winners


Dr Joan Cameron, School of Health Sciences

Dr Paul Felts, School of Science & Engineering


Professor Graeme Hutton, School of Social Sciences 

Professor Teresa Moran, School of Education & Social Work

Arthur Watson, School of Art & Design


Janice Aitken, School of Art & Design

Professor Stuart Cross, School of Social Sciences

John Lee, School of Nursing & Health Sciences

Professor John Peters, School of Life Sciences

Honorary Graduates’ Award for Inclusive Practice

This Award is open to both teaching staff and those based in central services. It takes the form of a £1,000 practice development fund and recognises teaching or service delivery which removes barriers and promotes inclusion. Open to Schools and Directorates, the award encourages and supports developing good inclusive practice.

Submissions can be made for a proposal and examples of a fully formed practice.

There are two key areas for this award:

  • teaching
  • service provision

With a choice of one optional category from the following list:

  • curriculum design
  • technology enhanced learning
  • improving the built environment
  • other (provide description)

Deadline for next submission is 22 April 2022.

Current Winner 2020-21

Dr Helen Gørrill, School of Art & Design

Helen Gorrill‌Dr Helen Gørrill is a Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies for Contemporary Art Practice and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead for DJCAD wins this year's award.
In her role as EDI Lead, Helen has formed a new student-led learning forum for inclusivity: In-GEAR (Intersectional Gender Equality in the Arts Research), which aims to raise awareness of inequalities in the artworld and look at what might be done institutionally to tackle this. This exciting initiative welcomes everyone no matter where they find themselves on the gender spectrum and gives all students the chance to speak at conferences and gain valuable experience, whilst promoting an inclusive environment at DJCAD. In-GEAR has already held its first successful and empowering event, and has a programme of conferences, lectures and workshops in the pipeline. Contact Helen for more information about In-GEAR’s work.

Previous Joint Winners 2019-20

The CreateSpace Staff and Student Team from the Library and Learning Centre was recognised for establishing this new facility in the LLC to help all students try something creative, learn a new skill or simply take a break from their academic work.

Lauren Christie, a PhD student who works in several areas of the University including the Academic Skills Centre and the Careers Service, was recognised for her work in the bibiotherapeutic use of children's literature.