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The Enhancement Themes (ETs) are part of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Quality Enhancement Framework. The ETs aim to improve the student learning experience in higher education. This is achieved by staff and students sharing current good practice and creating ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching.

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Current Theme: Resilient Learning Communities

The 2020-2023 Enhancement Theme is Resilient Learning Communities

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The work is planned and directed through the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee (SHEEC), on which every Scottish higher education institute is represented.

We are represented through the sector-wide Theme Leaders' Group (TLG) and also have an institutional team which oversees work at the local level. Dr Linda Martindale (Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, School of Health Sciences) is the institutional team lead.

Institutional Team

  • Institutional Lead - Dr Linda Martindale
  • TLG Staff Representatives - Dr Lorraine Anderson and Professor Karen Petrie
  • TLG Student Representatives - Dimitris Vidakis and Zechariah Laari (DUSA)
  • Representatives from Academic Schools - Dr Diana Swales, Dr Seaneen McDougall, Jill Shimi, Christine Kingsley, Dr Cate Kennedy

For more information contact Dr Linda Martindale

Completed Themes

These include Evidence for Enhancement and Student Transitions.

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