Teach at Dundee is our annual Academic Induction Programme which runs in conjunction with DUSA. It is open to all staff engaged in teaching who have joined the University within the last year. This year it will not run face-to-face but will be replaced by an online resource plus a short session delivered online. More details to follow.

The programme focusses on teaching in context where you are introduced to the vision and culture of the University, as well as the resources and services available to support their teaching. Time is also built into the programme to enable participants to extend their network of contacts.

Completion of this two-day course will help you to:

  • deepen your understanding of your role as part of the University
  • understand the profile of the Dundee student and the role of DUSA
  • engage with continuing professional development as a professional university teacher
  • provide the best start to your professional career at the University

Attendee quotes

"The course was extremely useful for stimulating thought on the modern teaching process in general and how that fits into Dundee’s ethos/outlook as well as trends in Higher Education as a whole."

"This 2-day event gave me a deeper understanding of the University, something that's helped underpin my somewhat sporadic understanding so far. Thank you!"

"I made some very good links with other new staff members. It was a lovely experience."


Monica Matthews