Scholarship Symposium 2018 - save the date!
  • Start: 3 Sep 9:30AM      End: 3 Sep 4:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: Dalhousie Building
  • Cost: Free
  • Organiser: ASC events

This year's Scholarship Symposium will disseminate and discuss scholarly activities across our Institution. There will be an external keynote, followed by presentations from University of Dundee staff. There will be opportunities for informal group discussion and sharing of scholarly practice. The final programme will be available, and registration open, by the end of May.


Deadline for submissions: Friday 3 August 2018
The Scholarship Group, led by the Academic Skills Centre and the School of Social Sciences, is seeking poster contributions from staff and students for this year’s Scholarship Symposium.
We would like to hear about anything you have been doing around Scholarship in your practice. This could include:

•    a co-construction approach to curriculum development that has enhanced student learning
•    teaching initiatives that have impacted student outcomes
•    published work or conference presentations that have raised interest in the wider sector
•    project outputs that have enhanced teaching and learning

There will be a small prize for the best poster.

Posters will be A1, and should be sent in pdf format to Monica Matthews

Printing will be organised and costs covered by the Scholarship Group.

If you would like to use the University of Dundee template for creating your poster click here

Tickets: Free