The Maths Base Drop-ins

All are welcome to come along to the Maths Base, whatever your level of competency. No appointment is required, just bring a paper copy of your maths problem to discuss with a tutor. You should make some attempt at the calculations, as this helps the tutors assess how to help you.

Remember: numeracy and confidence with numbers is vital to your academic career. Regardless of whether you are studying to be an artist or a zoologist - don't be proud to be bad at maths. Far beyond keeping track of your student loan, interest payments, or the best deals for buying internet services - numbers, maths and statistics underpin every aspect of our modern lives, both academic and professional. Regardless of whether you have good maths skills and would like to improve further, or need to enhance your numerical skills for your studies, or if you just feel uneasy with maths, there is help and support for you.

Academic Year 2019-20 Times and venues

Semester 1 (Weeks 1-11)

  • Tuesday 14-15 (Fulton H2)
  • Wednesday 13-14 (Fulton J18)
  • Friday 10-11 (Carnelley Small LT)

Semester 2 (Weeks 15-25)

  • Tuesday 12-13 (Fulton J20)
  • Wednesday 13-14 (Fulton J18)
  • Friday 14-15 (Harris LT)

Link to Campus Map for locations and rooms


  • Develop a better understanding of numbers and mathematics
  • Develop your quantative reasoning skills
  • Learn how to unlock your analytical potential
  • Develop your skills and build confidence as an independent problem solver