The main areas and related aims of the Planning Office's activities are as follows:

Strategic Planning:

The development of multi-year strategic plans; to review and analyse data for the performance reporting cycle for the current University Strategy to 2022; to work with senior staff in performance reporting to University committees and the University Court; to maintain performance indicators, including definitions, and targets for the University and the nine schools; to provide external benchmarking and analysis of key improvement areas; to promote and facilitate strategic thinking within the University generally.

Resource Allocation and Budget-setting:

To continually improve the University's planning and resource allocation processes to ensure that the strategic aims of the University are being achieved; to ensure that the resource allocation models are communicated effectively and clearly to Schools; to analyse Scottish Funding Council grants, and allocate this internally to Schools in line with the agreed resource allocation models; to work with the School Accountants to support Schools in the budget setting process; to co-ordinate the setting of tuition fee targets by Schools and to provide the necessary information and data for this process; to work closely with Finance colleagues to ensure that the integrity of the University's budget-setting process is maintained in the above areas; to Liaise with Admissions & Student Recruitment on student intake targets and with Registry on returns to the Scottish Funding Council.

League Tables / HESA:

To maintain a University overview of the HESA returns, liaising with those responsible for submission, and understand how they are used in the various league tables; act as point of contact for data requests to HESA from League Table compilers, review draft data, and provide data where requested directly by compilers; to provide reports to senior management analysing the University's League Table performance and advising on potential for improvement; to act as the University's point of contact for sector tools such as HEIDI and TQI/Unistats.

Support to Schools:

In addition to the areas of support outlined above, to act as central point of contact for Schools and Directorates seeking planning data and relevant management information; to provide advice on business planning to Schools, in collaboration with the School Accountants and School Managers; to support Schools in the implementation of plans and to support them in the monitoring and reporting on progress against agreed targets.


The Planning Office would normally be the first point of contact for queries relating to strategic planning, internal resource allocation and SFC grants. Queries about specific School plans should be directed to the relevant School Manager in the first instance.