The Planning Office provides access to a range of information and documents relating to planning in the University of Dundee.

It contains a wide range of information relating to the Strategic Framework, Performance Indicators, Internal Income Distribution Models and Tuition Fees Budget Setting.

Strategic planning in the university is underpinned by several key documents.

Inspired by the Charter of the University, the University Mission is the overarching statement of the purpose of the University.

It sets out that the purpose of the University is to transform lives, locally and globally, through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge.

Our Vision for the University is to become Scotland's leading University within 25 years. We will do this by addressing key challenges that will transform lives. Our vision also sets out how we will achieve this and the impact we will have.

University Strategy to 2022 
The University's current Strategic Plan covers the period 2017-2022 and sets out the direction for the next five years of our 25 year journey in becoming Scotland's leading University.

Other Plans
As well as the overarching Strategy to 2022, there are a series of other plans informing the strategic direction of the University.

Internal Resource Allocation

The University receives two streams of income for which the internal method of allocation is managed by the Planning Office. The method of allocation was agreed by the nine schools with the Finance Office. The two streams of income are the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) grants and Tuition Fees income.

The SFC grants allocated to schools are those announced in the General Fund and Horizon Fund grant letters. The two biggest grants are the Main Teaching Grant and the Research Excellence Grant.

The Main Teaching Grant is allocated to schools on a teaching school basis, using the actual Full Time Equivalents (FTE) of students to distribute the funding received. Each school will receive an amount of funding that is directly proportionate to the total FTEs taught in that school. Each funding price group is treated separately.

The Research Excellence Grant is allocated using the staff FTEs submitted to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Each school is allocated funding based on the proportion of staff from that school that contributed to each Unit of Assessment. As quality is not attributable in the data returned by RAE, quality is not included in the calculation.

Tuition fees income is also allocated on a teaching school basis. The amount of teaching received by each student is considered and the tuition fees for that student are split proportionately according to the amount teaching that student has received from each school.

The processes used for internal resource allocation are intended to be transparent.

Tuition Fee Budget Setting

The Planning Office supports schools through the tuition fees budget setting process by supplying templates to collect the budget information. This also involves working closely with the School Accountants and analysing the information returned and providing this analysis to schools.

Tuition fees budget setting templates for setting budgets will be available earlier this year for all schools.