Tim Newman

+44 (0) 1382 38 35 61
Vice-Principal (Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact)
Contact: Nicola Millar (Personal Assistant)


Tim was recently appointed as Vice-Principal (Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact). He is responsible for the overall research strategy of the University, along with growing vibrant relationships bridging the University and diverse partners in Industry, Government and the wider public. These relationships ensure that the superb research in the University achieves its highest potential in innovation and impact throughout society, consistent with our core value of Transforming Lives.


Tim was originally trained as a theoretical physicist and has spent nearly two decades performing research at the interface between physics and biology, working on gene regulation, embryo development and, more recently, cancer. Mirroring his own research interests, Tim is a strong advocate for interdisciplinary research and education. Tim spent much of his career in the United States, in Virginia and Arizona, and relocated to Dundee with his family in 2011.