Mark Beaumont

+44 (0)1382 38 10 85
Contact: Rachael McAulay


The Rector is a lay person elected by the students of the University to represent their interests. The Rector has a seat on the Court and nominates another lay person as his or her assessor to assist with rectorial duties; this assessor is also a member of the Court.

Mark Beaumont was elected as Rector in early 2016 and succeeds the actor, Brian Cox, who had six very successful years in the role.

Mark’s career in sport and broadcasting has taken him to well over 100 countries in the past decade, but he continues to live near to Dundee, where he went to school. Mark spends a good deal of time outside his work and family life with young people, holding roles including Honorary President of Scottish Student Sport and Patron for the Saltire Foundation and the Winning Scotland Foundation.

His first active role as Rector was to celebrate the achievements of the athletes and sports volunteers at the University at the Colours and Blues Awards as well as helping the fundraising of the rowing club as they celebrated their 25th Anniversary.

Mark can be contacted by students and staff about University matters through Rachael McAulay or directly through the message board of the Rector’s Facebook page. When not available for meetings Mark is represented by the current Rector’s Assessor, Bernadette Malone, who as well as being Chief Executive of Perth Council, also sits on a number of committees at the University of Dundee