Graduates from the University of Dundee are highly regarded by employers, not only because of the high standard of degree they have received, but also because of the wide range of personal and transferable skills that the university environment enables them to develop.

95.9% of our 2013/14 graduates were either in work, further study or due to start work shortly when surveyed 6 months after graduation.

The University Careers Service offers help and guidance to all students throughout their degree and when planning their next steps, continuing for up to 5 years after graduation.

Employability skills are embedded throughout the curriculum of all degree at the University of Dundee, and specific initiatives have been created to further enhance the career prospects of our graduates:

  • The Careers Service offers a range of employability modules which many students can take alongside their degree subjects to help enhance their employability on graduation. These include: an Internship Module which helps students to gain valuable work experience; a Career Planning Module which allows students to explore their career options and develop practical skills in CV writing, presentation technique and interview skills; and a Career Planning Module Online, an innovative online careers module which students can be work through at their own pace.
  • The University of Dundee is the only UK University to offer graduates the chance to apply for a unique postgraduate level qualification centred on a 6 month internship, giving graduates an exceptional boost to their employability through a high quality intensive internship combined with intensive career management learning
  • The gives students the chance to improve their self-reliance and employability and exercise their business creativity through business enterprise skills development training.
“Because of the Career Planning Module and the advice I received during the module from the teaching team I am now doing the dream job that I researched for the module. The career planning class gave me a structured approach of how to fully understand my professional self and the options open to me after graduation".
Kevin Kerrigan, Deputy Antici, UK Permanent Representation to the EU, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Brussels, Belgium, Career Planning Class of 2009.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities and receive recognition through the Dundee Plus Award.

“The experiences and skills you gain outside of your course at University are just as valuable as the qualifications you are studying for. For me, the Award is now a staple part of my University experience on my CV”
Rachael Deas, 2013 graduate

The University of Dundee is enthusiastic about building long term productive relations with employers who wish to engage with our students and graduates. In particular, the Careers Service, and academic schools welcome employer input into their student programmes.