The School of Medicine Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is chaired by Dr Gareth Inman from the Division of Cancer Research. The School of Medicine is one of the University of Dundee's Clinical Schools and is part of the Clinical School's Executive. To find out more please visit their page here

Gareth Inman

Dr Gareth Inman
School of Medicine SAT Chair

As well as his role as The School of Medicine SAT chair, Dr Inman is also a member of the combined schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing SAT (former College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing) and the University of Dundee Athena SWAN Steering Group 

We are keenly aware that the advancement and retention of women in science requires inclusion and engagement with everyone in this diverse community.

Self Assessment Team

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School Data

For our undergraduate degree programme, the student population is over 50% women with the percentage of female undergraduate students remaining fairly stable over time at around 60%. This is above the UK average where 56% of medical students are female.

Undergraduate - Medicine

Percentage of female:male taught undergraduate students for the past five academic years

Postgraduate Taught - All Schools

Percentage of female:male taught postgraduate students for the past five academic years

Postgraduate Research - Medicine

Percentage of female:male postgraduate research students for the past five academic years