Top Tips


Isabel Swan

"Introduce yourself to your neighbours on the first day. I didn't and the time slipped by past the line where it's now inappropriate to go and say 'hi'!

And attend as many of the day time events during Welcome Week as possible - you won't remember people from the night time"

Find out what's going on with our Welcome Week events listing

About Isabel

Isabel is currently going into her second year, and is studying English and Film.


Gary Paton

On living in residences: "One thing that brings the flat together is cooking, make a meal for your flatmates in the first week and try eating together as much as possible."

Find out more from our Residences website, which includes some useful tips for living in residences.

You might also want to check out the following sites for recipes and cooking tips:

About Gary

Gary Paton is a third year Civil Engineering student.


Heather Minto

"I think it was really important that I could demonstrate to employers that I partook in extra-curricular activities that weren't just going out (even though there was plenty of that), it has helped me enormously in everything I've tried to do since leaving university.

Dundee is an amazing cultural hub so there's plenty to see, do and take part in.

Finally, take the bus to Tayport and walk out to Tentsmuir Beach the morning after the night before - it's the perfect cure!"

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About Heather

Heather Minto, from Darlington, graduated in 2009 with an MLitt in International Politics. She now works for an arts management company.


David Bajek

"Come ready to explore the City of Discovery - there are so many little-known and hidden secrets scattered in and around Dundee, you have to be prepared for an adventure and to really seek out what you enjoy - there is something for everyone here, and the saddest day you will have is the day you leave for pastures new."

Find out more about Dundee with our City Guide

About David

David, from Dundee, graduated in 2011 with a Physics BSc. He was the founder and president of the University's 'Atheist Society'.


Feso Bright

"I would suggest that new students take advantage of every careers fair, exchange programme, enterprise gym and other extra-curricular association memberships.

Play hard, study hard and make friends!"

Learn more about the opportunities that our Careers Service can offer, and find out more about the Enterprise Gym, which runs free workshops and events to develop your entrepreneurial skills and commercial awareness.

About Feso

Feso Bright, from Lagos, Nigeria, graduated in 2011 with an MBA (Distinction) in International Oil & Gas Management.


Amy Millar

"In Welcome Week there is so much on that it's easy to miss things. One thing which I never did, and which I wish I had, was to go on one of the library tours. Yes, it does sound a bit geeky but it's a bit more complicated than the school library where the books were organised fiction/non-fiction; A-Z.

I have been in and out of the library countless times over the four years and still have to ask for help to find things or how to work the photocopier. The staff of course are always happy to help but I could have saved so much time and hassle!"

Find out when the tours are taking place on our events webpage

About Amy

Amy Millar, from Arbroath, graduated in 2011 with a joint honours degree in Geography & Town Planning.


Euan McTurk

"Don't concentrate on missing home, just enjoy getting to know those around you and embrace the many flat parties and nights out that you will have with the people that will become sound friends over the next four or five years.

Despite the constant lure of the union, the more you understand your core subjects, the less they will hinder you in later years of your degree. Attend the lectures, do the homework, but still fit in those well-earned nights of drunken frivolity!

It is rare that you will ever need a car in Dundee. However, for those without a car, Tesco Riverside (the big one) may seem ages away, but don't be tempted by a taxi - get a second hand bike and it'll save you in the long term."

About Euan

Euan McTurk, from Cumnock, graduated in 2011 with an MSci in Renewable Energy. He was an active member of the University's Enterprise Gym, winning the Enterprise Gym Discovery Challenge with his idea for a green business. In addition to this, Euan won the 2011 Wimberley Award.

Euan also played the trumpet for the Dundee University Big Band.


Gordon Hale

"Get involved in a sports club. I'd say that for so many reasons, not just for keeping fit but for the social aspects as well and getting away from coursework a few times a week.

Getting a part-time job was also extremely helpful to keep the debt collectors at bay and so I didn't have to miss out on any big events during the year."

Our societies and sports clubs 
Jobshop - from the Careers Service

About Gordon

Gordon Hale is from Sevenoaks in Kent. He studied medicine, and graduated from Dundee in 2011. One of his best University experiences was the opportunity he had between 4th and 5th year to travel abroad and experience medicine in Grenada in the West Indies.


Chris Browne

"Get involved with extra-curricular activities from an early stage. This is the best way to meet new people and ultimately add something to your CV. Graduation is four years away but it arrives quicker than you could ever expect. Keeping employability prospects at the forefront of your mind is extremely important but this is in fact also one of the most exciting experience of your life.

Remember that university is your chance to start making your own decisions and challenging preconceptions of the world around you - it is about far more than simply the academic experience.

At Dundee you are encouraged to ask questions and challenge what you are taught, however in order to successfully do this you need to come prepared to classes having taken in all the reading required of you. "

About Chris

Chris Browne is from Belfast, and graduated in 2010 with an LLB (Law).

During his time at Dundee, Chris has been both Law School President and Deputy President of the Students' Association.


Suzy Clelland

"Learn how to cook some basic meals using one hob - I knew how to make quite a few meals that used several pots, not so practical when you are sharing a cooker with flatmates!"

If you want some ideas about what to cook, here are a few websites for inspiration:

About Suzy

Suzy, from Perth, graduated with a BSc (Hons) Applied Computing in 2008. She stayed on as a research student, and gained her PhD in the spring of 2011. She's now continuing her work, employed as a researcher in the School of Computing.

The title of Suzy's PhD thesis is: Towards the Full Inclusion of People with Severe Speech and Physical Impairments in the Design of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Software.


Rachel Muir

"Don't panic if you don't get on with the people in your flat/halls; they don't need to be your BFFs. It's brilliant if they are, but don't feel like you've failed if you're not."

Remember that you'll be able to find friends in lots of places - through societies, sports clubs and your course to name just a few.

About Rachel

Rachel, from Kirkintilloch, is a medical student. She spent 2010-1 on her Intercalated Year, graduating BMSc Medical Psychology.