Pre-Arrival Information - All Students

This page contains information for ALL students.

If you are new to the UK, please also visit our pre-arrival page for Students new to the UK for more specific information.


Applying for Accommodation

Once you have firmly accepted your academic offer, you will be sent an email to invite you to apply for accommodation online.

For more information about the accommodation that we offer, please visit our accommodation webpages.

Overnight Accommodation

If you need temporary accommodation in Dundee (either for your parents, or while you're waiting for your own accommodation to become available), we have a list of hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses which are close to the campus on our overnight accommodation in Dundee webpage.

Preparing for Life in University Accommodation

Before you come to university, it's always useful to be able to cook a few simple meals, to know the basics of food hygiene, and to be able to do your laundry without dying your white clothes pink! We've got a few leaflets on this page which should help, but check out these websites for further inspiration:

If you're going to be watching TV in your room - even if this is through a computer - you must purchase a TV licence.



If you need information on funding and want to make sure you are receiving any loans you might be eligible for, visit our Student Funding pages.

It's a good idea to get your loans sorted out before the start of term.


If you can, go to your local branch and open a student bank account before you get here. This will save time when you arrive, and will ensure you get your student loan into your account as quickly as possible when you start your course. (Remember to tell the loan company about your new account details by changing your details online).

You'll find it convenient for certain transactions (such as arranging an overdraft) if the bank you choose also has a branch in Dundee:

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You might find it useful to draw up a budget before you get here. Have a look at our living costs webpage to get a rough idea of costs, and visit our Money Doctors page for some useful tips.

The Budget Calculator on the UCAS website can also make doing the sums a bit quicker!


Although you don't need to worry about registering with a doctor until you arrive, make sure you've got enough supplies of any prescription medication to keep you going for at least the first week that you'll be here. If you're going to be travelling by plane, keep all prescription items with you in your hand luggage.

Check that all your vaccinations are up to date - in particular, meningitis C, measles, mumps and rubella.

If you are going to be studying medicine or dentistry, there are specific health requirements - make sure you have checked these and taken any necessary measures.

Please also note that NHS healthcare is free for everyone - whether you're already living in Scotland or joining us from outside of the UK. There are currently no charges for prescription medications.

 What to Bring

Need some ideas of what to pack? Want to know what some of our students have recommended? Take a look at our what to bring webpage What to bring to get some ideas.


Whichever mode of transport you're using to get to Dundee, check out our travel pages to plan your journey.

 Meet us online

If you have applied to the University of Dundee, don't forget to use My Dundee for Applicants, where you can meet others from your course on the Discussion Boards, and find out lots more about the University.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

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