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Dr Sarah Hendry

Dr Sarah Hendry


Sarah Hendry is a lecturer in water law at the Centre, specialising in comparative national water law with special expertise in EU and Scots water and environmental law.

Research Interests

Sarah’s research interests cross over all aspects of national water law: legal frameworks for water resources management, water rights and abstractions, water quality and pollution control; and the regulation of water services. She has a special interest in water law reform. She works closely with scientists and policymakers in the Centre and beyond, looking at the linkages between science, policy and law; and she has been involved in the Centre’s work with the IHP-HELP programme.


Sarah is Director of the Centre’s taught programmes and Advisor of Studies for the Centre’s research students. She has a background in UK higher education and has delivered environmental and water law teaching and training to lawyers and non-lawyers at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She co-teaches the Centre’s module on comparative national water law, teaches the module on regulation of water services and also delivers teaching to students in other parts of the University.

Research Projects


Sarah works with Professor Gooch, the Centre Director, on the EU FP7 project LAGOONS,looking at the management of coastal lagoons. She provides legal and institutional analysis and contributing to the social science investigations.


Sarah works with Andrew Allan on the EU FP7 project GENESIS, looking at groundwater management across a series of aquifers in greater Europe. She and Andrew provide the legal analysis on GENESIS, including the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and Second Groundwater Directive.

The Customer Forum:

The Customer Forum is a new initiative in Scotland, designed to better represent the consumers in the price setting process for water and sewerage services. The regulation of water services is a key research interest for Sarah, and customer involvement in that regulation is part of good governance. Governance is an important theme running through much of the Centre’s work and Sarah is very pleased to have been invited to serve on the Forum.