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What We Do

  • You can earn more
  • You're more likely to get equal pay
  • You get more holiday
  • You get more and better training
  • You get more maternity leave or parental leave
  • You're less likely to be injured at work
  • If you do get injured at work
  • You're less likely to be discriminated against
  • You can help keep our public services public
  • You're less likely to be sacked

Join Us

More than three million people throughout the UK are members of trade unions. This means that when there's a problem at work, they know they have the backing of a strong organisation. They can get legal assistance, help with workplace injuries or support with a disciplinary action.

But belonging to a union means much more. Unions address discrimination, offer training opportunities and negotiate agreements that improve many areas of their members' lives. And yet union contributions represent only about half a percent of a worker's earnings.

If you change your work or home address, please remember to inform Lorainne Gray, the Membership Secretary, to ensure you receive all relevant Unison information.

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