MA Degree Structure and Overview MA (Hons)

  • For Entry: September
  • Duration: 3 - 8 years (flexible)
  • School: Humanities

Why study for an MA at Dundee?

Our MA degree follows the traditional Scottish degree structure in which you study more than one subject in both of your first two years. This means you do not have to finalise your choice of degree until you have had a chance to study a range of subjects.

Full-time students study six modules in each of their first two years, chosen from across all the MA degree subjects, including:

  • Creative Writing
  • Economics
  • English
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • European Studies
  • Film Studies
  • French
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Psychology
  • Spanish
  • Town and Regional Planning

You apply to a named degree, but can take elective modules in other subjects, after discussion with your advisor at the start of the year.  You can continue the same named degree for all four years, or change to a joint degree, or a completely different one.

Please visit the relevant degree course webpages (below) for details of the modules available.

What is so good about this course?


We give you a wide choice of subjects to study, and you don’t need to have studied those topics before.

Career Planning

From the start of our courses we’re thinking about your future, and offer Career Planning and Internship modules as part of your course choices.


You can choose to study French, German or Spanish as part of your degree for all four years, or one of ten other languages for course credits, or just for interest.

Study Abroad

You can spend part of your degree studying in another country, in Europe or North America.

Advanced Entry

If you have the appropriate A level or Advanced Higher grades, you can apply for advanced entry to Level 2, and achieve an Honours degree in just three years.

Part-time Option

You can study on a part-time basis, taking up to eight years.

MA Degree Pathways


Entry with Highers

Choose six modules, usually two from your main subject, two from any joint honours and the rest from across other MA subjects or from selected BSc subjects.

Entry with Advanced Highers
or A Levels

Choose six modules, again two from your main subject, two from any joint honours and the rest from across other MA subjects.


Specialise in your chosen subject(s) with a range of module choices to suit your particular interests

MA Arts & Social Sciences (without Honours)


MA Honours - Usually a dissertation in an area of your choosing, plus modules chosen to reflect your interests in your chosen subject.

MA (Honours)

Some examples of module choices which students have taken -

MA Geography 

1st year: Geography x 2, Environmental Science x 2, Politics, Globalisation

2nd year: Geography x 2, Environmental Science x 2, Career Planning, French

3rd year: Glacial Processes and Environments, Research Methods in Human Geography, International Field Research, Tourism, Transnationalism and Mobility, Key Ideas in Geography, Data Handling and Statistics

4th year: Geographical Information Systems, Advanced Water Hazards and Risk, Advanced Geographies of Children and Youth, Dissertation


MA European Studies & Philosophy

1st year: History, Globalisation, Philosophy x 2, Intensive Spanish

2nd year: European Studies, English, History, Philosophy x 2

3rd year: EU Politics, Philosophical and Cultural Impacts of Technology, Collapse of the Soviet Union, Philosophy of Work

4th year: Russian Politics in Transition, Marx's Capital, Europe and International Security, Cyberphilosophy


MA History & Politics

1st year: History x 2, Politics x 2, Globalisation, Intensive French

2nd year: History x 2, Politics x 2, Philosophy x 2

3rd year: Transatlantic Politics, 17th Century Scottish History x 2, Political Theory

4th year: Global Politics of Illegal Drugs, Surveillance, 20th century Irish History


MA English

1st year: English x 2, Philosophy x 2, History x 2

2nd year: English x 2, Philosophy x 2, History x 2

3rd year: Making Writing Matter, Shakespeare, Post-Colonial Texts, Contemporary Multi-Ethnic Fiction

4th year: Dissertation, Biblical influences in English Literature, American Modernist Poetry, Old English

A history degree is an extremely valuable qualification. It provides a solid foundation in analytical and communication skills, both highly sought after by employers.

The history programme at Dundee is designed to produce confident, intellectually-engaged graduates who can think creatively and independently, ask incisive questions, articulate their ideas, and solve complex problems.

Our recent graduates have gone into the media, teaching, politics, business, finance, the diplomatic service, and many other dynamic high-earning careers.

Please visit the individual MA course web pages for our entry requirements.

Please visit the individual MA course web pages for Fees & Funding information.

The Dundee MA degrees follow the distinctive pattern of many Scottish universities by offering a broad-based education that requires you to study a number of different subjects in Levels 1 and 2 (Level 2 only for Advanced Entry Honours degrees). You do not have to finalise your choice of degree course until you are better able to appreciate both the nature of the subjects you are studying and the relationships between them. However, you must make an initial choice of course on the application form and we would expect you to provide some evidence of your enthusiasm for your chosen course and details of any relevant experience.

We use a range of learning methods at Dundee: you will be expected to respond to the information and advice provided by academic staff, especially in lectures; to prepare for and participate in tutorial discussion or to work in practical classes; to work individually or in groups on set assignments such as essays and projects; and to 'read round' the subject. Consequently, we are looking for evidence that you are capable of working systematically, of responding to the guidance of your teachers, and that you have both the ability and enthusiasm to successfully complete a degree programme.

It is helpful if, in addition to demonstrating in your personal statement a commitment to your subject, you can also indicate an interest in the wider arts. If you have undertaken a research project, tell us about it. If you are interested in a specific topic, explain why, and say something about your reading on the subject.

If you have participated in broadly relevant events or activities (e.g. theatre, journalism, debates, social or charity work) we will be interested to know about it.

Mature students may relate how any life experiences will enhance their approaches to the study of their chosen subject(s).

What is important to us, in your application, is the evidence provided by the grades you have attained, or are predicted to attain, in your examinations, along with whatever you and your referee can point to indicating both your special interest in any of our subject areas, and your general liveliness of mind.

Your personal statement is an opportunity to say why you should be offered a place to study in Dundee. We are looking for applicants with an ability to express opinions clearly with reasoned support and evidence, who are open to critical guidance, and who have a commitment to high standards of achievement in all they do. These qualities can be demonstrated through academic attainment, paid or voluntary work, and extra-curricular activities of all kinds.

Referees should concisely indicate your analytical abilities, communication skills, capacity for academic work, and commitment to your studies. We will be interested to hear about examples of initiative, leadership, and any evidence of organisational skills. Indicators of a positive outlook and engagement with social and cultural activities will be welcome, as will an assessment of your potential to develop in the university environment.

We will consider applications to one or more MA courses at Dundee: each application will be considered on its merits. We are looking for applicants who either have achieved, or will achieve, the published requirements in terms of Highers, Advanced Highers, A-Levels or acceptable alternative qualifications.

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