MA degree structure & overview

The four-year MA (Honours) degree offers a range of subjects which you can study for either a single or joint Honours degree. Subjects are business, the environment, humanities, and psychology.

We have designed the courses to be flexibile in course choices.

Well-qualified applicants may gain advanced entry to level 2 of the degree programme. This means you can achieve an Honours degree in just three years.

The degree pathways illustrated here show the range of subjects available.

It is also possible to study the more generalist MA Arts & Social Sciences (without Honours) in three years (UCAS code VWL0).

It is also possible to study French, German or Spanish throughout all years of your degree. Alongside subject-based modules there are also optional skill-based modules.

We also offer career planning, communications and information technology and academic study skills modules. These can help support you in your chosen field of study and career aspirations.

Level One. Six modules, from three or four subject areas:
Economic studies Geography Planning Psychology
English History Politics A science subject, for example biology
Environmental Science Information Technology Applied French  
Environmental Sustainability Mathematics Applied German  
Film Studies Philosophy Applied Spanish