• For Entry: August
  • Duration: 36 weeks
  • School: Education & Social Work
  • Study Mode: Full Time

Accredited by the GTC for Scotland, prepares graduates to teach in secondary schools.

Successful participation in this programme enables students to gain provisional registration as a Secondary teacher, working with learners in the 11-18 age group, within a specific area of the curriculum (currently Chemistry with General Science, Home Economics, Maths. or Physics with General Science).

You will work alongside tutors with a wealth of experience to share with you and the ability to help you to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding you will need to fulfil the role of a secondary school teacher. We offer excellent resources and facilities and a high level of support. You will benefit from placements in two schools, so that you may hone these skills further. We liaise closely with school colleagues, so that they are in a strong position to afford you the experiences you need to make the most of your placements.

Students have the opportunity to work alongside students who will become Primary teachers, thus building mutual respect and understanding. This will stand you in good stead for future cross-sector work, for example when contributing to Cluster Group working parties.

Masters level study

The programme also offers students the opportunity to have their non-practice placement assignments assessed at Masters Level (SCQF Level 11) and so accrue a total of 60M credits whist they complete their programme of study. These credits can then be used towards future Masters study, representing a considerable saving in both time and cost in relation to the usual Masters study arrangements. We are working closely with the M Ed team within the School to ensure a smooth transition to the Masters programme for those who wish to pursue this possibility.

Professional accreditation

The resulting award of PGDE(S) for all successful participants is recognised by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS)

and widely outside Scotland, thus widening employment opportunities.

Who should study this course?

This course is suitable for those who have already secured a relevant degree and now wish to enter the field of Secondary Education, initially as a subject teacher.