How effectively has Ghana implemented its policy for large-scale renewable electricity deployment: a qualitative assessment


Recent CEPMLP graduate, Joseph Nii Tettey Ashong has recently been published in the Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review. The article examines how Ghana’s energy policy promotes large-scale deployment of renewable electricity. Using a qualitative assessment framework adapted from Yoon and Sim (2015), the study makes broad investigations into how effectively Ghana has implemented its policy for large-scale renewable electricity deployment. The paper concludes that the country’s RE success is nominal and most likely would not meet its 10% by 2020 target; the assessment reveals that Ghana’...


Human Geography takes 1st place in Scotland in 2016 NSS survey results

| geography, CECHR, environment

The University of Dundee has excelled in the latest student satisfaction survey, The National Student Survey 2016, by rising up the rankings and achieving its highest ever result: Dundee rises seven places in 2016 poll Ranked number one in the UK for Personal Development DUSA once again top students’ union in Scotland Human Geography has risen to 1st in Scotland and 7th in the UK (National Student Survey 2016) with 96% of our students agreeing that they were satisfied overall with the quality of the course. Physical Geography received a very respectable rating too, with 89% of studen...


Law plays its part in multi-disciplinary research award of more than 1 million Euros

| General News, Research News

Dundee University has been awarded funds to lead a 1 million EUR international consortium investigating the development and implementation of cyber-security legislation in the UK, Finland and Norway. The project is entitled “Taking surveillance apart?: Accountability and Legitimacy of Internet Surveillance an Expanded Investigatory Powers” and is funded by Nordforsk, an organisation funding Nordic research cooperation and research infrastructure. The consortium will be lead by Senior Lecturer Megan O'Neill, Geography, and Senior Lecturer Jacques Hartmann, Law, will lead work package 1 on the Re...


New data and review of the literature challenge the stability of the bilingual advantage in children.

| 2016

Josephine Ross and Alissa Melinger have published new findings relating to the reliability of the so-called ‘bilingual advantage’ in children. The paper, entitled “Bilingual advantage, bidialectal advantage or neither? Comparing performance across three tests of executive function in middle childhood” was published in Developmental Science.  The research was support by the Nuffield Trust.  When bilinguals speak, both fluent language systems become activated in parallel and exert an influence on speech production. As a consequence of maintaining separation between the two l...


Graduate's Scottish independence research dataset published with UK Data Archive

| Politics, students

Jan-Philipp Wagner, a former student in Geopolitics at the University of Dundee who graduated in June 2016, has now published the dataset from his dissertation research on Scottish independence with the UK Data Archive last week. The UK Data Archive is one of the most prestigious data repositories in the world and provides training and access to a very wide range of research data compiled by researchers in the UK and Europe. The published dataset is the outcome of an extensive content analysis of newspaper articles published by Dundee newspapers, The Courier and The Evening Telegraph during the campaign of...


CECHR Collaborative Research - Incubator Competition, 2017

| CECHR, Geography, Planning, Environment

Applications are invited for up to three ‘Incubator Grants’, sharing from a maximum fund of £3,000, to support new cross- and interdisciplinary projects aligned to the CECHR mission of promoting more sustainable and equitable futures.   A key component will be that the project demonstrates the potential  for generating future research funding. Funding may be directed towards any aspect of the research process e.g. pilot studies, networking workshops, international team meetings [e.g. Horizon 2020] and fieldwork, and international/national visitor exchanges.  Proposals ...