Intelligent technology to improve the performance of buildings


The performance of modern buildings is judged not just by how much they cost to build, but how much they cost to run, how much energy they consume, how little they damage the environment, and in general, how sustainable they are. Now a partnership between Whole Life Consultants Ltd (a spin out company from the University of Dundee) and the University of the West of Scotland is aiming to produce an easy and intelligent way of c...

Presenter, Pennie Latin, visits CAHID


Presenter, Pennie Latin, describes how she came face to face with body donation in Dundee and how it caused her to question whether she’d ever donate herself. Could I, would I, should I, will I donate my body to science when I die? That was it in a nutshell. I present BBC Radio Scotland’s science series Brainwaves and having recently arranged the funeral of a much loved Aunt the subject of what might happen to me w...