Public Engagement Grant Opportunities

Below is a list of organisations which offer Public Engagement grants and funding opportunities for public engagement. Where possible we have included information about specific calls and application deadlines. If you would like support or to discuss your ideas with Revealing Research then please contact us at

Funding Bodies

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More information and open calls

AHRC - Arts & Humanities Research Council

AHRC public engagement can be found on the main AHRC funding opportunities page, normally under knowledge transfer or public engagement schemes.



Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society offers educational funding which covers scientific outreach and summer studentships, you can view the main educational funding page here.



British Ecological Society

The British Ecological Society regularly offers public engagement grants including educational grants to produce teaching resources, and fieldwork grants to perform fieldwork research including secondary pupile.



BSPP - British Soceity for Plant Pathology

The British Society for Plant Pathology has a fund for the promotion of plant pathology to fund projects which stimulate knowledge, interest and awareness of plant pathology for people who do not normally come into contact with the subject. Calls are open and grants of up to &pound2000 are available 4 times per year. Application forms and more information can be found on the BSPP website.



BBSRC - Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

BBSRC have closed their BBSRC small awards for public engagement scheme. In line with the RCUK Concordat for engaging the public with research, BBSRC are working to embed our public engagement within their research grants.



British Science Association

The British Science Association offers a range of awards for public engagement projects, as well as a wealth of information on their website.



EPSRC - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

EPSRC are no longer running their Partners for Public Engagement (PPE) funding scheme, but have some other opportunities available on their page for public engagement grant opportunities including advice on how to apply for communications training in research grants, media fellowships and for supporting activities in schools.



Institute of Physics

The institute of physics regularly has open calls for public engagement projects to be funded up to &pound1000. The 2011 round of grants is now closed. 2012 grants will be avilable at the end of this year.Information on previous rounds and grant awardees can be found on their website.



Lottery Awards for All

The Lottery funded Awards for All scheme offers grants for projects which benefit the community and if your public engagement ideas would benefit the local community you may be able to apply for funding of up to &pound10000. Applications can be made at any time, visit the awards for all webpage to find out how to apply.



NERC - Natural Environment Research Council

NERC offers several knowledge exchange funding schemes which can be used to fund public engagement projects both for events, and those which involve research. The Connect A scheme funds projects which promote new partnerships between researchers and end users such as business or public sector, and internships for researchers in governmental organisations.



Paul Hamlyn Foundation

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is an independent grant-making organisation aiming to improve people's potential and quality of life. Funding is available for almost any kind of project which improves people's lives and the main streams are arts, education and learning and social justice. There are no minimum or maximum grant limits, but amounts are typically &pound5000 - &pound200,000. There are no deadlines are calls are open throughout the year, visit the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website for more information.



The Physiological Society

the Physiological Society offers outreach grants of up to &pound1000 to promote education and training in physiology. you must be a member of the society, and there is a rolling deadline at the end of every month. Visit the website for more information.



Scottish Arts Council

The Scottish Arts Council has its final round of grants available, and since July 2010 the Scottish Arts Council website will no longer be updated. Creative Scotland is the new organisation taking over the funding from both the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen and will have grants available in the future.



Society for Applied Microbiology

The society for applied micriobiology offers grants of up to &pound2000 for public engagement events promoting and micriobiological eubject or exhibitions and art work related to applied micriobiology. There is no deadline and applications are open, to find out more visit the SFAM website



SGM - Society for General Microbiology

Members of the Society for General Micriobiology can apply for grant funding for public engagement projects of up to &pound1000 to promote micriobiology. There is no closing date and applications are considered all year on a first come first served basis. Find out more at SGM website.



STFC - Science and Technology Funding Council

the STFC offers generous grants for public engagement projects based on the council's themes. Awards can range from &pound500 to &pound100,000 depending on the particular funding opportunity. You can visit the general public engagement funding page to find more information.



The Wakeham Trust

The Wakeham Trust offers funding for community projects that are new and help the community, of between &pound75 and &pound750. There is no deadline, visit the Wakeham Trust website to find out more information and how to apply.



Wellcome Trust

the Wellcome Trust offers several awards for public engagement events, large projects, and specific themed funding streams. You can visit the main public engagement funding page to keep up to date with the latest upcoming funding opportunities.



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