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University of Dundee researchers pioneering novel use of diabetic drug to simultaneously treat heart disease

Researchers at the University of Dundee have launched a series of projects to determine whether a new class of anti-diabetes drugs could also be used to treat heart disease.
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New UK-wide clinical trial aims to improve muscle strength in older people

A UK-wide clinical trial is set to examine whether a commonly used heart pill and a food supplement could improve the health of older people across the UK by improving muscle strength.

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Dundee team to research potential new cardiovascular disease treatment 

A University of Dundee research team hopes to find a new treatment for cardiovascular disease by identifying and “switching off” harmful enzymes that can cause inflammation in the blood vessels.
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Dundee researchers receive over £2m to boost fight against antimicrobial resistance and diseases

Researchers at the University of Dundee, the UK’s leading university for biological sciences research, have been awarded millions of pounds of new project funding by the Wellcome Trust.
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Fact File #4

Professor Sir Philip Cohen

Professor Sir Philip Cohen has been studying Protein Phosphorylation for 35 years, during which it has been recognised as one of the body's principal control mechanisms. Abnormalities in Protein Phosphorylation are a cause of cancer, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis and are now a major focus for the pharmaceutical industry. Professors Cohen's achievements in this field have led to a long-term multi million £ collaboration with a consortium of pharma partners and the MRC to speed up the development of specific inhibitors of kinases and phosphatases for their drug discovery programmes.

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