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Central Timetabling and Room Bookings

Welcome to the home page for the Central Timetabling and Room Bookings. On these pages we hope to provide helpful information on the processes and procedures involved in centralised timetabling; on the University's learning & teaching spaces; and on the booking of these spaces.

If you are a school member, wanting to find out more about your role in submitting timetabling data, please click on the Data Input tab (in grey banner above).

If you are interested in finding out information about the University's learning & teaching spaces, please click on the room catalogues link (in grey banner above).

If you wish to look into the availability of any of our centrally managed rooms, and make a booking request, please click on the Room Bookings link (in grey banner above).

Definition of Centralised Timetabling

The centrally co-ordinated allocation of teaching times and space based on the University's known constraints of availability of staff, students, modules and rooms.

Benefits of a centrally co-ordinated timetable

E-mail Address for Centralised Timetabling enquiries