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About SITS and eVision

[document version: 2.02]

The Student Records System at Dundee can be accessed to a greater or lesser extent using one of two clients:

It should be noted that because eVision is a lite web client, it does not offer the full capabilities of the native client. For example eVision can be used for generating class lists, but mark entry must be done using the native client - SITS.

[SITS Vision, and eVision are products of Tribal Group]

All current students are automatically granted access to eVision by default. Please note that if you are a student who is also a member of staff, if authorised, you may also have a separate and distinct staff eVision account.

Software delivery


The eVision client is delivered using the Internet and is accessible online at


The SITS client is delivered via one of three routes:

Note: Option 1 above is the preferred method of delivery for SITS Native client.

These options are described in more detail below.

SITS - option 1 (NAL) -preferred


PCs configured to use the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) are configured to run NAL by default. SOE PCs can be identified by the following markings (or similar) which show as "wallpaper" on PC desktop(s):

University Logo (watermark)SOE Version
[SOE - University Logo][SOE - version text]


PCs that are NOT configured to use SOE still require to run NAL. You can tell if NAL is running by looking at the system tray icons (usually lower right corner of your screen beside the clock). The NAL system tray icon looks like this [SOE - NAL system tray icon]

If you right click on NAL system tray icon, then select properties, you should be presented with an image similar to:

[SOE - NAL properties]

If your PC is not currently configured to run NAL, then there may be additional PC checks that need to be carried out by your departmental network administrator. For departments with no IT support, consultancy is available from S3 via ICS Service Desk to perform the necessary PC checks. This work may be chargeable.

NAL Menu items

It does not matter if your PC is configured with the SOE or not. The following images illustrate the different menu-routes that NAL uses to deliver both eVision and SITS.


[Start--Applications-Staff---Sits Vision(Live)]


[Start--E-Resources--SITS eVision]

SITS - option 2 - scripted web-login

This (unsupported) method of login involves a "double-stage login" process:

Stage 1:
Initially you need to authenticate to the University webserver (SKY) at

[Webserver Authentication]
(Some users may have instructed their browser to remember username/password for this stage, thus may no longer see this authentication stage and/or have forgotten this stage even exists ).

Stage 2:
You need to authenticate to SITS (as depicted in image below). It is during this "second stage" that you will need to enter your standard University username/password.

[SITS Login]

SITS - option 3 - executable file

It is only in exceptional circumstances ICS may issue users with an executable file. Launching the executable file will perform some registry checks, establish drive mappings and in turn with special attributes call the program which launches SITS.

Staff and student eVision

Staff who are also students should please note that they have two email addresses and two eVision accounts. Students and authorised Staff eVision accounts are LDAP authenticated - hence rely on standard username/password. If you do not know what your student email address is, please contact ICS Service Desk with your Matriculation (student ID) Number.


SITS/eVision users should refrain from using the following characters in their passwords:

Logging into to SITS

Some users may still need to use the deprecated method of login (option 2 above). For the majority of other authorised staff, access to SITS/eVision is by initial Network login using the Novell Client. (same username/password for Groupwise email/webmail, MyDundee)
[Novell Client]
After logging into the network, providing NAL is running, then staff should be able to access SITS via the NAL menu items illustrated above. Unless advised otherwise, username/password for authorised SITS users are configured to be identical to their network login. If you change your network login password, this will change your SITS/eVision password also.