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Tuition Fees

Matriculated graduating students are required to pay a tuition fee in each academic year of their course of study. The tuition fee includes use of laboratories, IT and library provision and first entry for each subject of a degree examination. Part-time and non-graduating students pay a reduced fee depending on duration of study and/or number of modules studied. International students (non UK/EU) pay a higher rate of tuition fee, full details of which are available from the Registry .

Students studying elsewhere as part of their programme are still liable for a reduced tuition fee and should apply to their funding authority in the normal way. Further information is available in the Registry.

Information on how and when to pay will have been included in the Admissions Pack. You must pay each year’s fee in full at the start of each academic year or , if you are a UK/EU student, make an arrangement to pay the fees by an approved instalment plan, normally direct debit. Payment is also possible by credit card. If you are being funded by a sponsor , e.g. SAAS, Local Education Authority , government body or private corporation you should ensure payment will be made on your behalf at matriculation. If payment has not been received by 1 December in any year you will be deemed personally liable for the full tuition fee.

If students have a sponsor, they must make sure that the Registry knows the full and correct name and address of the company or other organisations concerned. Students must also tell the Registry promptly, if their sponsor changes or stops sponsoring them.

Any enquiries with regard to fee status(home/overseas) or payment procedures should be made to

Registry, University of Dundee, 1 Airlie Place, Dundee, DD1 4HN (telephone 01382 385390)

Home & Overseas Rates

The University of Dundee, in common with other UK universities, charges tuition fees at a higher rate to students classified as 'overseas' for fee purposes than to those classified as 'home' (or 'Scottish/EU') and rest of UK (or English/Welsh/Northern Irish) fee students.

Fee Status

Your fee status is decided at the point of admission, when you apply to the University, using information you provide at that time. There are very few cases where your fee status would be overturned, i.e. where a current student is granted refugee/asylum status. You can find out more about your fee status from the Admissions and Recruitment Policy.

Other Fees / Administrative Charges

In addition to payment of tuition fees (see Home & Overseas Rates), some students may need to pay other fees / administrative charges.