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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Former Officers

Principals of University College

1882-1895      (Sir) William Peterson, Professor of Classics
1895-1930      John Yule Mackay, Professor of Anatomy
1930-1939      Sir James Colquhoun Irvine, Principal of St Andrews University and Acting Principal of the College
1939-1946       Angus Robertson Fulton, Professor of Engineering and Drawing
1946-1954      Major-General Douglas Neil Wimberley


Masters of Queen's College

1954-1958   David Rutherford Dow, Professor of Anatomy
1958-1966   Arthur Alexander Matheson, Professor of Scots Law
1966-1967  James Drever, Principal-elect of the University 


Chancellors of the University

1967-1977     Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
1977-1992     The Rt Hon The Earl of Dalhousie
1992-2006     Sir James Whyte Black


Principals of the University

1967-1978      James Drever
1978-1987      Adam Matthew Neville
1987-1994      Michael John Hamlin
1994-2000      Ian James Graham-Bryce
2000-2009      Sir Alan Langlands



1968-1974      Peter Ustinov
1974-1980      Clement Freud
1980-1983      Lord Mackie of Benshie
1983-1986      Gordon Wilson
1986-1989      Malcolm Gray Bruce
1989-1992      Paul Henderson Scott
1992-1998      Stephen Fry
1998-2001      Tony Slattery
2001-2004      Frederick MacAulay
2004-2007      Lorraine Kelly
2007-2010    Craig Murray