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Internship Graduate Certificates (Scotland or China)

Degree Certificate *

The Internship Graduate Certificate (IGC) is a highly distinctive programme which combines a high quality internship, with intensive career management learning. There are two routes available, one with an internship in China and one with an internship in Scotland.

The programme offers an exceptional opportunity to boost your employability - whether you want to break into graduate employment for the first time or develop your experience internationally, are seeking ways to further develop your career path or are looking to gain experience to help you make a career change.

* Subject to approval by the University of Dundee

Why study for the Internship Graduate Certificate (IGC) at Dundee?

Do you feel like you are struggling to take the next step on your career path? Are you finding it hard to prove to employers you have what it takes? Do you find your lack of professional-level experience is holding you back? The IGC programme can help you to gain that vital experience necessary for so many jobs and will also equip you with the practical employability skills needed to manage your own career now and into the future.

The programme is designed to help you to:

  • Make sense of working cultures and practices and your role within the world of work.
  • Be able to undertake career planning to manage your career and to participate successfully in graduate recruitment processes.
  • Undertake a meaningful period of work experience in a relevant field and undertake an original piece of work (project) which is of benefit to both you and the placement provider
  • Develop and use skills, knowledge and experience in a practical setting.

There are 2 routes available:

  1. IGC China: 4-weeks intensive Career Management Learning at Dundee and 5 months internship in China. Students will live in shared apartments with other interns for the duration of the programme and will have access to in-country support and advice during their internships.
  2. IGC Scotland: 4-weeks intensive Career Management Learning at Dundee and 6 months internship with a Scottish organisation.

What's so good about IGC at Dundee?

For a start, it is a course unique to the University of Dundee – there's nowhere else in the UK that offers a stand-alone graduate qualification in internships with this level of personal support and tuition.

Find out what our graduates think about the programme:

"I would recommend any graduate to participate in this programme, the benefits are unmistakably apparent and the experience as a whole is thoroughly worthwhile."
Eric McNulty, IGC Scotland student, 2013

My experience on this programme so far has been fantastic. Not only has it provided me with valuable international work experience in one of the world’s fastest growing economies, but it has allowed me to gain a real insight into India’s wonderfully diverse and eclectic culture. My time here has taken me from the corporate hub of Mumbai, to the chaotic heart of Old Delhi, the crisp air of the Himalayas and back down to the beaches of Goa. The organisations associated with the scheme have provided excellent support- sorting everything from healthcare & accommodation to weekend cricket matches and nights out. To top it off, I have been offered a job with my company on return to London. A golden opportunity that truly can't be missed."
IGC India student 2013

Who should apply for this course?

This programme is aimed at graduates seeking to enhance their work experience both in the UK and internationally. It will be highly beneficial for:

  • New graduates with little or no work experience seeking to gain entry to graduate employment
  • Early-career graduates seeking to further develop your career
  • Experienced graduates seeking experience to gain entry to a new area / sector.

Please see the 'Entry Requirements' section for more details.

Teaching & Assessment

This programme is delivered by teaching staff in the Careers Service

The start date is mid-January. The end date is late July (China) and late August (Scotland). There are 10-25 places available each year.

How you will be taught

During the initial 4-week Preparation and Planning module, learning and teaching will be based around intensive, face-to-face, highly interactive and participatory lectures, seminars and tutorials.

During your internship, you will make full use of MyDundee, the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to enhance and extend your learning. Students on the Scotland pathway will return to university 4 times during the internship to continue your career management development in a collegial environment. Students on the China pathway will have regular 'virtual seminars', Skype-chats and online learning tasks to complete. Assessment is by continual assessment; there are no exams for this programme.

What you will study

The programme consists of two credit-bearing modules:

Module 1: Preparation and Planning (20 credits)

This module, commencing in January, is a 4-week intensive University-based course taken prior to the internship. This module aims to enhance your self-awareness, career management skills and understanding of the world of work and thus prepare you for your internship. Students on the China pathway will focus on developing an understanding of working cultures and practices in China, while students on the Scottish pathway will look at cross-cultural working practices from the Scottish point of view. You will participate in highly interactive learning sessions where you will explore topics such as project management, team working, commercial awareness, networking and presentation skills.

Module 2:  Internship and Development (40 credits)

This module combines a graduate-level internship placement (5 months in duration on the China pathway, 6-mointh duration on the Scotland pathway) with further developmental learning which will help equip you with all the career planning skills you need to search for your next job or opportunity and to manage your career into the future.

Internship Placement:

Prior to the beginning of the programme, students will be carefully matched to an internship opportunity which relates to their degree and/or complements their career aspirations. Internships can be suitable for graduates of any discipline and we will work with you and do our best to secure you an internship opportunity to suit your needs. On the Scotland pathway, internships may be anywhere in Scotland. On the China pathway, internships are all in Zhu Hai, China.

During the internship you will undertake work which is beneficial to your internship host and which also helps you to develop or make full use of your skills, knowledge and experience.

In addition to the internship placement, you'll learn how to create a winning CV, how to succeed at interviews, how to make an impact at assessment centres and how to ace aptitude tests. You’ll further hone your presentation and report writing skills and there will be ample time to reflect on your internship experience and learn from it and to network with fellow professionals.

Students on the Scotland pathway will return to campus for 4 ‘call-back’ learning days, while all students will be supported through online learning and contact from personal tutors.

You will receive a training allowance for the duration of your internship.

Internship in Scotland: you will receive a minimum of £371 per month to help meet the expenses incurred by undertaking your internship. Internship providers are encouraged to offer more than this minimum and some will offer a more extensive package of support.

Internship in China; the cost of your accommodation in China only will be covered by the allowance. Students will have to pay for their own living expenses while in Dundee and abroad (e.g food, socialising, sight-seeing, travel to work, etc) and a deposit for accommodation (this will be reimbursed on return to the UK).

"The six month internship placement gave me invaluable experience of the graduate working environment and helped me to narrow down the type of tasks and jobs that best suit me – something I had no clue about before. It also allowed me to build up a network of contacts from various fields."
Kirstin Bannon, IGC Scotland student, 2013

"I felt that the IGC programme provided the perfect opportunity for me to obtain meaningful experience in the International Development field of work as part of a structured programme of learning. I was particularly drawn to participating in the programme as it would provide me with hands on experience in a country that I would very much like to work in and for an organisation whose work I support. Whilst in India I worked for Catholic Relief Services on a well-established agricultural programme during which I was able to utilise the skills, knowledge and experience I had gained through my degree, the IGC course at Dundee University and in my previous roles in a practical setting. The programme was an exceptional opportunity for me to develop both personally and professionally whilst enhancing my understanding of the specific local issues facing different communities. I also made some great friendships with others participating on the programme whom I lived with which made the whole experience more worthwhile as I was able to share with others."
Mille Chander, IGC India student, 2013

How you will be assessed

Module 1 - Preparation and Planning

Assessment will be via:

  • Online skills assessment
  • Group oral presentations
  • Written report on internship sector
Module 2 - Internship Placement

Assessment will be via:

  • Reflective written accounts
  • CV and Covering Letter
  • Telephone/Skype Practice Interview
  • Internship placement report
  • Individual oral presentation


The global employment market has become increasingly competitive and more and more employers put a premium on previous work experience as a route to graduate roles. In a recent survey of graduate recruiters, The Graduate Market 2014 (HighFliers: 2014), half of the employers surveyed stated , “graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes.” This means that the IGC programme, which will give you a lengthy period of graduate-level work experience, could be the key to helping you make the successful transition into your next step of your career development.

The IGC programme suits graduates with all levels of work experience; whether you are looking to launch your career or are seeking ways to further develop your career path or gain experience in a new area/sector or country.

Past participants of the programme have benefited from a real advantage in the UK graduate recruitment market by gaining valuable hands-on experience within their sector. Many of our graduates have found paid positions with their internship organisations. Others have gone on to prestigious graduate recruitment schemes or jobs with high profile organisations such as PwC and Scottish Water. Some have also chosen to pursue further study or have sought further internship experience.

"As a result of opportunities presented to me during my internship, I was directly offered a graduate position with my internship provider. This has allowed me to position myself on the graduate recruitment ladder."
Kirstin Bannon, ICG Scotland student, 2013

Entry Requirements

All applicants should have, or expect to gain by the beginning of the programme:

  • A minimum of an Ordinary Degree or equivalent from a recognised institution
  • If your first language isn't English, then you need to demonstrate you have a good command of the English Language, with an IELTS score of 6.5 and above. Please check our Language Requirements page for details of equivalent grades from other test providers, and information about the University of Dundee English Language courses.

Applicants to the China pathway must:

  • Be eligible for a Chinese F2 visa

Applicants to the Scottish pathway should note:

  • Due to UK Government restrictions on the length of time international students can participate in work experience, this programme is NOT currently open to International Students Visa holders. As such, this programme is only open to international candidates who have a right to remain and work in the UK for the duration of the programme.

Fees and Funding

There are two fee structures for this programme.

Scottish Pathway

Academic Year Home/EU Overseas
2014-15 £1,900 £2,800

Training allowances of a minimum of £371 per month for each month of the placement are attached to all internships; however, some employers may offer more.

China Pathway

Academic Year Home/EU Overseas
2014-15 £3,600 £7,200

The Fee for the China pathway covers the following:

  • University course fees
  • Accommodation in Dundee
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Administration fees to cover, sourcing a suitable, high quality placement, sourcing and management of high quality accommodation in China, in-country induction support by the University and on-going in-country support from InternChina staff

Training allowances are not available in this pathway, although employers will pay for accommodation costs in China. Students are responsible for their own living expenses in Dundee and China including commuting costs.

Training allowances of a minimum of £371 per month for each month of the placement are attached to all internships; however, some employers may offer more.

Living Costs

  • Dundee is ranked as one of the most affordable places for students to live in the UK, and the cost of living is around 15% cheaper than the UK average.
  • Increasing numbers of students are successfully undertaking part-time work to supplement their income. You can get advice from our Careers Service, both about job opportunities and how to find a suitable study/work/life balance. EU and international students are also allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.
  • As a student in Scotland, you have free access to the National Health Service. Visits to doctors and hospitals, as well as prescriptions, sight tests and dental checkups, are available free of charge.

How to Apply

There are two application deadlines:

  • 30th June 2014
  • 17th November 2014

Apply online via UKPASS, in your personal statement on the UKPASS form, you must detail your proposed research topic.

Please indicate clearly which pathway (China or Scotland) you are applying for.

With the application form, you MUST upload or send under a separate cover the following:

  • An up-to-date CV, which details the sector/role you interested in.
  • A copy of certificates for all Higher Education.
  • If you are an international candidate; a proof of your eligibility to work in the UK (e.g. copy or scan of your visa)
  • If English is not your first language; certificates for English Language tests/qualifications

Candidates who are successful at the application stage will be invited to interview with Careers Service Tutors. Interviews will take place between 1st July 2014 and December 2014. If you are successful at interview stage you may be invited to interview with potential internship providers.

Course Contact

Careers Service
University of Dundee

Telephone: 01382 384 017 (from the UK)
Telephone: +44 1382 384 017 (from outside the UK)

Admissions Contact

Postgraduate Admissions
Admissions and Student Recruitment
University of Dundee

Telephone: 01382 384 384 (from the UK)
Telephone: +44 1382 384 384 (from outside the UK)

Fax: 01382 385 500 (from the UK)
Fax: +44 1382 385 500 (from outside the UK)