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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Careers in Philosophy

"Philosophy graduates are highly employable because philosophy teaches you how to think for yourself and analyse and communicate ideas in a clear, rational and well thought out way. Being a philosophy student is less about building a body of knowledge than about learning how to learn. This is one of the distinctive strengths, and key benefits, of studying philosophy. Whereas the knowledge learnt in other disciplines may be superseded by future discoveries of made obsolete by changes of circumstance, the ability to think critically does not become devalued over time. On the contrary, it is invaluable when new situations occur."

- Employability: Where next? Unlocking the Potential of your Philosophy Degree, p. 4

A degree in philosophy will allow you to acquire intellectual and perceptual skills of vital advantage in the pursuit of any professional career. Studying philosophy will allow you to:

Employers recognize that these skills are highly transferable. They mark out independent and thoughtful individuals. Philosophy will serve you well in your future career and life-long learning. As well as continuing to postgraduate study, recent graduates from the Department of Philosophy have gone on to work in publishing, teaching, and the civil service.

Careers Advice

You can get free guidance and information on career paths open to you at the University's Careers Service.   A 24-page booklet, Employability: Where next? Unlocking the Potential of your Philosophy Degree is a very useful guide to identifying the skills you have gained in philosophy, highlighting them to employers, and considering how they can lead you to a variety of career paths.

Graduate Profiles

Profiles of recent Philosophy graduates reveal the varied degree options and career paths of our students.