Name: Jill Belch

Post currently held: Deputy Head of the Division of Medicine And Therapeutics. Professor and Head of Vascular Diseases Research

Degrees & Diplomas:

MB ChB (Hons)
MRCP (Glasgow)
MD (Hons, Glasgow)


Main Clinical Interest:  
Vascular Medicine
Vasospastic Disease
Inflammatory Disease
Occlusive Disease
Vascular problems (eg Raynaud's, Thrombophilia, Erythromelalgia)


Main Research Interests:  


Houston JG, Gandy SC, Allen L, Dick JBC, Belch JJF, Stonebridge PA. Spiral laminar flow in the abdominal aorta: A Predictor of Renal Impairment Deterioration in Patients with Renal Artery Stenosis? (in press).
Belch JJF, Topol EJ, Agnelli G, Bertrand M, Califf, RM, Clement DL, Creager MA, Easton JD, Gavin III JR, Greenland P, Hankey G, Hanrath P, Hirsch AT, Meyer J, Smith SC, Sullivan F, Weber MA. Critical issues in peripheral arterial disease detection and management: A call to action. Archives of Internal Medicine (in press).
Gervaz P, Holdsmith RJ, Naidu S, Houston JG, Belch JJF, McCollum PT. Emergency spleno renal bypass: A case report. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (in press).
Palmer CAN, Young V, Ho M, Doney A, Belch JJF. Association of common variation in glutathione S-transferase genes with premature development of cardiovascular disease in patients with systemic sclerosis. Arthritis & Rheumatism 2003; 48 No 3: 854-855.
Alkaabi JK, Ho M, Levison R, Pullar T, Belch JJF. Rheumatoid arthritis and macrovascular disease. Rheumatology 2003: 42 (2); 292-297
Newton DJ, Sur EL, Khan F, McLeod GA, Belch JJF. Mechanisms contributing to the vasoactive effects of prilocaine in human skin. Anasthesia 2003; 58: 6-10.
Newton DJ, Amyes AKB, Khan F, McLeod GA, Bannister J, Belch JJF. Vasoactive properties of lignocaine administered by iontophoresis in human skin. Clinical Science 2003; 104: 87-92
Sun J, Abel EW, Bancroft A, McLaren M, Belch JJF. A study of whole blood platelet and white cell aggregation using a laser flow aggregometer. Platelets 2002; 14: 103-108.
Belch JJF, McLaren M, Khan F, Hickman P, Muir A, Stonebridge P. The inflammatory process in intermittent claudication. European Heart Journal 2002; 4: 31-34.
Muir AH, Robb R, McLaren M, Daly F, Belch JJF. The use of Ginkgo Biloba in Raynaud's Disease: A double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Vascular Medicine 2002; 7: 265-267.




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