Aortic Stenosis

Brief Information
Calcification of valve cusps restricts forward flow; forceful ejection from ventricle into systemic circulation. Caused by congenital bicuspid valves, and rheumatic heart disease.
Type and Detection Heard over aortic area; ejection sound at second right intercostal border.
Findings on Examination
Midsystolic murmur, medium pitch, coarse, diamond-shaped, crescendo-decrescendo; radiates down left sternal border (sometimes to apex) and to carotid with palpable thrill.
Heart Sound

S1 normal often followed by ejection click; S2 soft or absent and may not to be split; S4 palpable.

Heart Sound
Compare with
Normal Heart Sound (441K)
Mitral Stenosis (424K)
Pulmonary Stenosis (438K)
Aortic Regurgitation (491)
Mitral Regurgitation (438K)

  compiled by Dr R S MacWalter, Consultant Physician, Tayside Universtiy Hospitals Hospitals NHS Trust, Honorary Senior Lecutrer, University of Dundee, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School, Dundee, Scotland, Duncan MacWalter and Gordon MacWalter.