A-Z of Courses


Academic Affairs - now Directorate of Policy, Governance and Legal Affairs
Academic Calendar (Schedule of Meetings for Academic Year)
Academic Council
Academic & Corporate Governance
Academic Dress (from the University Calendar)
Academic Management
Academic Professional Development - see Educational Development
Academic Skills
Academic Standards (AS) - see Quality Framework
ACCESS Centre (Higher Education ACCESS Centre for Tayside and North Fife) - see Disability Services
Access & Participation
Access Courses - see Access & Participation
Access Summer School
ACES (Access to Creative Education in Scotland)
Adjustment (UCAS)
Admission to the University - see Study
Admissions and Student Recruitment
Adult Continuing Education
Advance@Dundee - see Library CITE Them Right Online
Advance@Dundee Postgraduate Portal - see Library CITE Them Right Online
Advice and guidance (for students) - see Student Services
Alumni & Development
Alzheimer's Disease Research Centre
American Studies
Anaesthesia - see Division of Neuroscience
Anatomy and Human Identification (Centre for)
Annual Monitoring of taught provision (Quality Framework)
Annual Reports - see also - Financial Statements (2014-2008) and Financial Statements (2007-1999)

Appeals (for students)  
Applied Computing - see the Computing
Applied Physics and Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics - see School of Science and Engineering
Approval of new modules and programmes - see Quality Framework
Archive, Records Management and Museum Services (ARMMS) - see Culture & Information
Art College Materials Shop
Art & Design - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
Art and Design, General Foundation Course
Arts and Social Sciences - see School of Social Sciences
Assessment Policy for Taught Provision
Asthma & Allergy Research Group - see Scottish Centre for Respiratory Research


Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
Biological Safety - see Safety Services
Blackboard - see My Dundee
Botanic Garden
Burn, The
Bursaries (and Scholarships)
Buy at Dundee - University online store


Calendar - see Academic Calendar, University Calendar and Useful Dates  
Campus - see:

Careers Service
Car Booking - see Vehicle Booking Form
Car Parking - see also Travel Information
Catering Services
Cell and Development Biology
Cell Signalling and Immunology
Centralised Timetabling
Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS)
Centre for the enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning and Employability (CASTLE)
Centre for Addiction Research and Education Scotland (CARES)
Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID)
Centre for Applied Language Studies - see Languages
Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP)
Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR)
Centre for Medical Education
Centre for Scottish Culture
Chancellor, Lord Naren Patel
Charter - see University Charter [pdf] and the Student Charter
Child Health - see International Child Health Programme 
C and IT in Learning and Teaching - see Sub-Committee on C and IT in Learning and Teaching
Civil Engineering
Class Representatives (Student Class Representatives and School Presidents)
Clearing (from 31st July to 30th September)
Clinical Research - see Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside
Clinical Skills Centre
Coat of Arms, Corporate Identity and History of the University
Code of Practice for Supervised Postgraduate Research
Code of Practice - Web
Comics Studies
Commitment & Advanced Procurement Service (CAPS) see PECOS
Committees - see Court and Committees, Court and Senate Minute Index and Academic Calendar
Communication and Study Skills - see index on Student Dashboard
Complaints (for students)
Computer Services - see UoD IT
Computers in Teaching Unit - see Clinical Skills, Ninewells Medical School
Concordances (Web Concordances at the Department of English)
Conference Facilities
Contact Magazine (University Staff Magazine)
Contacting Us (list of central contact points)
Contemporary European Studies - see European Studies
Continuing Education
Copyright and Other Issues Relating to Intellectual Property
Counselling - Student and Staff Counselling Service
Courses at the University - see:

Court (University)
Creative Writing
Cricket - see University Staff Cricket Club
Crisis Management (Guidelines)
Cuschieri Skills Centre
Culture & Information
CVCP - see Universities UK


Data Protection
Data Warehouse
Dates - see Useful Dates
Degree courses - see Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses
Degree regulations - see University Calendar
Degree Show, Duncan of Jordanstone College
Dental Health Services Research Unit
Dentistry (School of)
Departments in the University - see Schools and Student and Academic Support Services
Design (School of) - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design 
Design and Print
Development - see Training and Development
Digital Literacies
Disability Equality Scheme - see Public Sector Equality Duty
Disability Statement (Information for Students and Applicants)
Disability Support - see Disability Services
Discipline, Complaints and Appeals (for students)
Discovery Research Portal

Distance Learning - see:

Distance Learning Centre (Nursing and Palliative Care) DNA Sequencing Service (Medical Science Institute / Biocentre)
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Drug Discovery Unit
Duncan of Jordanstone College Degree Show
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design 
Duncan of Jordanstone College Materials Shop
Dundee Literary Festival
Dundee University Press - see Edinburgh University Press
Dundee University Review of the Arts (DURA)
DUSA (Dundee University Students Association)
Dyslexia Support - see Disability Services


Early Dispute Resolution (EDR)
Ecology - see Life Sciences
Educational Studies - see School of Education and Social Work
Education and Social Work (School of)
E-Learning Forum
Electronic Engineering - see Physics
Electrical Safety - see Safety Services
Energy - see Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy
Energy and Environment
Engineering: see School of Science and Engineering
English Language for International Students
English Language Requirements
Enquiry Centre
Enterprise Gym
Entry to the University - see the Undergraduate Courses and the Postgraduate Courses
Environmental Management - see Town and Regional Planning
Environment - see:

Environmental Science  
E-Prospectus - Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Equal Pay Policy[Word]
Equality & Diversity Training Programme (Human Resources)
ERASMUS Exchange Scheme - see ERASMUS
Estates and Buildings
Estates Strategy - see Estates and Buildings
European Studies
Events - see What's On and Events Office (External Relations)
Evening Degree Courses - see: Part-Time MA Evening Degree Programme
Exam Support
Examination Timetable
Examinations Office
External Relations


Facts and Figures
Fees - see Registry
Fees and Funding
Film Studies Undergraduate - see also Film Studies Postgraduate
Finance (course of study) - see Business
Fine Art - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
Fine Art Research - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design 
Flexible Delivery of Learning - see Distance Learning  
Foreign Language Programmes
Freedom of Information (FOI) - see Records Management
Freshers' Week - see Welcome
Funding - see Scholarships & Fees


Geddes Institute for Urban Research
Gender Equality Network
Gene Regulation and Expression
Generic Skills - see Organisational & Professional Development (OPD)
General Practice - see Tayside Centre for General Practice
Golf Bursaries - see Scholarships and Fees
Governance - see Academic & Corporate Governance
Graduate Prospectus - see Study - Postgraduate
Graduates Council
Graduation Dates
Graduation Website
Guidelines for Managing a Crisis


Haematology - see Clinical Academic Council
Harassment and Bullying Policy Statement and Guidelines
Health and Safety Policy Statement
Health Service
Higher Education ACCESS Centre for Tayside and North Fife
History of the University
Honorary Degrees (University Calendar)
Human Geography Research Group
Human Resources (formerly Personnel Services)
Human Resources Directorate
Humanities (School of) - see:


Induction, Staff
IT @ UoD
Immigration - see Points Based Immigration System - for Students | for Staff
Institute for Education and Lifelong Learning - see School of Education, Social Work and Community Education
Institute of Sport and Exercise
Insurance Services
International Applicants
International Student Support
International Water Law Research Institute - see UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science
Internationalisation at the University
Invigilation of Exams
Intellectual Property Rights - see Copyright and Other Issues Relating to Intellectual Property
International Office
IT Workshops and Courses for Staff - see also Training and Development


Job Vacancies


Key Facts - see About the University of Dundee and Facts and Figures


Language Courses - see Languages
Law and Accountancy - see Law and Business
Learning Centre - see Library & Learning Centre
Library & Learning Centre
Life Sciences (College of)
Life Sciences Learning & Teaching (School of)
Life Sciences Research (School of)
Literary Dundee


Management and Personal Development - see Organisational & Professional Development
Management Information - see SOMIS
Maps - see Travel & Map Information
Maternal and Child Health Sciences - See International Child Health Programme
Matriculation - see the Registry
Mechanical Engineering
Media Arts and Imaging - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
Medicine, School of
Medicine - see School of Medicine
Medical Education (Centre for)
Medical Physics
Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation Unit
Medicines Monitoring Unit (MEMO)
Meningitis Awareness
Minutes - Committees and Minutes
Mission Statement
Modern History - see History
Modules - see Courses and School websites
Module Approval (Quality Framework)
Module Specifications (Quality Framework)
Molecular and Cellular Pathology - see School of Medicine
Molecular Medicine
Molecular Microbiology
MRC Protein Phosphorylation & Ubiquitylation Unit
Museum Services
Music in the University
My Dundee


National Student Survey
NERC Satellite Station
Neurosciences Institute - see Division of Neuroscience
New Students - see Welcome
Ninewells - see Medical School and School of Nursing and Health Sciences
Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group
Numerate Campus
Nursery Facilities - see Childcare
Nursing and Health Sciences (School of)


Obstetrics and Gynaecology - see International Child Health Programme
Occupational Health Service (Safety Services)
Online Store (University)
Open Access
Open Days
Organisation of the University - see Principal's Office
Organisational & Professional Development
Orientation - see Welcome Week
Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery


Paediatrics - see International Child Health Programme 
Parking Information
Part-time MA Evening Degree Programme  
Paul Brown Unit for Visual Impairment - see Disability Services
Peer Connections
Personal and Professional Development - see Organisational & Professional Development (OPD)
Personal Development Planning for students (PDP) - see Undergraduates and Research Postgraduates (see the MyPDPpg reference)
Personal Transferable Skills - see list on Students page
Personnel Services - see Human Resources
PhD Studentships
Physical Education - see Institute for Sport and Exercise
Plant Sciences
Playgroup - see Childcare
Points Based Immigration System - for Students | for Staff
Policy & Legal Affairs - see Academic & Corporate Governance
Policy Statements and Regulations
Polyhandicap Initiative - see Profound and Multiple Impairment Service
Postgraduate and Postdoctoral training - see Organisational & Professional Development (OPD)
Postgraduate courses and research - see Study - Postgraduate  and Postgraduate Research
Postgraduate Portal - see Library CITE Them Right Online
Postgraduate Preparation Courses - Postgraduate Pre-sessional courses
Postgraduate Registry
Postgrad Studies in Public Health and Environmental Health - see Centre for Biomedical Sciences & Public Health

Pre-sessional English Language Courses
Press Office
Press Release Archive (2000 - 2013/14), see also University News
Principal's Office
Print - see Design and Print
Procurement Office
Profound and Multiple Impairment Service (PAMIS)
Programme Approval (Quality Framework)
Programme Review (Quality Framework)
Programme Specifications (Quality Framework)
Prospective Students
Prospectus - see also Undergraduate Prospectus, Postgraduate Prospectus, and Distance Learning Prospectus
Protein Phosphorylation Unit (Medical Research Council)
Public Health - see Dundee Epidemiology and Biostatistics Unit
Public Relations Office - see Press Office
Pure - Research Information Management System
Purchasing - see Procurement Office


Quality Assurance of Degree programmes - see Quality Framework (QF)
Quick Facts - see Facts and Figures


Radiation Safety - see Safety Services
Reach Scotland
Records Management
Religious Activities - see Chaplaincy
Research and Innovation Services
Research Centres and Units
Research Code of Practice - see Code of Practice for Supervised Postgraduate Research
Research Degrees
Research Ethics and Guidance - see Policy Statements, Regulations and Guidance
Research Excellence Framework 2014 (REF)
Research Information Management (RIM)
Research Quality Assurance - see Quality Framework
Research Studentships - see Scottish Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme (SORSAS)
Revealing Research
Residences - see Accommodation 
Risk Management
Room Bookings


Safety Services
Satellite Station (NERC) see also: Space Technology Centre
Shops - see Campus Shops on the Campus Map and University online store
Scholarships and Bursaries
Scottish Centre for Respiratory Research
Scottish Culture (Centre for)
Scottish Institute of Cell Signalling
Environment- see also:

School Presidents
School Secretaries Forum
Secretary's Office - see Academic & Corporate Governance
Semester dates
Senate - see also Senate Minute Index
Smoking Policy
Social Dimensions of Health Institute (with University of St Andrews)
Social Work - see Education, Social Work and Community Education

Societies - see:

SOCRATES - ERASMUS Exchange Scheme
Space Technology Centre
Sports - see:

Staff Development - see Organisational & Professional Development and Training and Development
Staff Development Policy
Staff Induction
Statistics - see Quick Facts and Student Numbers
Statutes - see University Calendar
Strategy: University Strategy to 2017
Student Advisory Service
Student Charter
Student Class Representatives and School Presidents
Student Funding
Student Recruitment - see Admissions and Student Recruitment
Students' Association - see DUSA
Student Services
Studentships (Research)
Studying Abroad - see

Study Skills - see Academic Skills Centre
Summer School - see Access Courses
Supervised Postgraduate Research - see Code of Practice for Supervised Postgraduate Research
Surgery and Molecular Oncology - see Cancer Research
Surgical Skills Unit - see Cuschieri Skills Centre


Taught Programmes, Academic Standards and Quality of - see Quality Framework
Tayside Centre for General Practice
Teaching Quality Assurance - see Quality Framework
Teaching Resources Unit - see Library & Learning Centre
Teaching Timetable
Telephone Service
Television and Imaging - see Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
Term Dates - see Semester dates
Theatre Studies
Top of the Tower (Cafe)
Town and Regional Planning
Training and Development
Transferable Skills - see list on Student Dashboard
Transformation:Vision and University Strategy to 2017
Travelling to the University - see Getting to the University
TSE Transatlantic Exchange - see Incoming, Outgoing
Tuition Fees


UCAS Adjustment
UCAS Clearing
UCAS codes - refer to Undergraduate Courses
Undergraduate courses
UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science
UNISON - public service union
University Calendar
Universities UK
University News


Vacancies, Jobs
Vacancies, Undergraduate
Vehicle Booking Form
Virus Information
Virtual Learning Environment - see My Dundee
Visas - see Points Based Immigration System for Students | for Staff
Visit Days
Visual Research Centre


Web Development
Welcome - Freshers' Week (for new entrant students)
Wellcome Trust Biocentre - see School of Life Sciences Research
Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression
What's On
Whistle-Blowing - see Public Interest Disclosure (Code on Whistle-Blowing)
White Top Research Unit
Who's Who - see Contacting Us
Wider Access Study Centre - see Access and Participation
Writing Skills


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