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The Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL)

For this year, 2010, SHEDL has successfully arranged agreements for access to online journals from three important publishers; Berg, Edinburgh University Press and Oxford University Press. Dundee, and all the other Scottish Universities now enjoy access to some 286 current online journals from these publishers. Titles may be seen from the following links:

Titles available at Dundee through the SHEDL agreements are being listed in the catalogue like all other journals, and will also be included in the A-Z list of e-journal titles. Access is generally to the current and most recent years, although with the Oxford University Press journals, many of the titles will now be available from volume 1 to the current issue.

SHEDL - background

The Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL) is a initiative which began in 2009, as a regional consortium which allows Dundee and other Scottish Universities to work together to increase value for money and widen access to content. In the first year of operation we gained access to online journals from Cambridge University Press, Springer and the American Chemical Society.

This initiative, led by SCURL, the Scottish Consortium of University and Research Libraries, is set to continue and develop during 2010, as agreements are forged with further publishers.

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