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Research Assessment Exercise 2014

In the latest assessment of research across all UK universities (December 2014), 100% of the research activity being carried out in Dundee Law School was rated as being of a quality which is "recognised internationally", in terms of its originality, significance and rigour, with more than half meeting the more exacting criteria of being “world leading” or “internationally excellent”. The results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) show that we are the only Law Unit in the UK to have achieved this high standard in both the current and the previous research exercise (in 2008).

The majority of our impact - the effect our research has on policy and practice - has been ranked in the top two categories with more than a quarter rated as “outstanding” - a figure which is three times greater than the average in the discipline of Law across the UK. This underlines the importance the Law School attaches to legal research which makes a real difference and transforms lives, both locally and internationally.

See for example:

A Flourishing and Supportive Research Environment

What our students say

My thesis seeks to analyse the current legal regime for e-commerce in Nigeria; whether the current regime for e-commerce is adequate to sustain the Nigerian e-commerce market?

Daniel Uwanikone

This research will document the need and legitimacy of Hate Crime laws and its impact on the victims and to society at large, by militating together the harm caused to the victims and burden on perpetrators caused by enhanced penalties.

Sumeet Jalgaonkar

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Jacques Hartmann talks at the first International Conference of the Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network

Jacques Hartmann

Jacques Hartmann talks at the first International Conference of the Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network (TRAMEREN) in Copenhagen on 20-21 June 2016. The subject of the conference is Maritime Actors and Climate Change: Incentives and Strategies for Voluntary Action.  TRAMEREN is an international research network established between the Center for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA), Faculty of Law, University of Cop...

Would you like to plead ‘not guilty’? Or ‘actually innocent’?

Pamela Ferguson 110x110

Professor Pamela Ferguson gave a paper at the Gerald Gordon Criminal Law Conference, which took place at the University of Glasgow on 9 June. An abstract of her paper appears, below. The idea for the paper came from a recent article on BBC News which reported that a woman who had been charged with shoplifting in Illinois had benefitted from a new prosecution practice: this allowed the woman to claim that she was ‘actuall...