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Logo for Web Use

Below are copies of the corporate logo, in GIF format, for use on web pages. If you need to use a higher quality logo for print purposes, contact Design & Print.

The recommended way of referencing the images from your web pages is to use the code given. However, if you need to, you can download a copy by right-clicking on an individual image, and choosing "Save as" to save the image in your own filespace.

Please Note: The University logo below is no longer used on the new website design.

For use on WHITE ONLY

Code to include this image in your web page:
<img src="/images/logo/logo_white.gif" width="110" height="94" alt="" border="0" />

Code to include this image in your web page:
<img src="/images/logo/logo_white_small.gif" width="110" height="94" alt="" border="0" />

For use on BLUE (#333399) ONLY

Code to include this image in your web page:
<img src="/images/logo/logo_blue_alt.gif" width="110" height="94" alt="" border="0" />

Using the Logo

The following extracts from the University's Corporate Identity Manual (available on the corporate identity web site) give recommendations for the use of the logo:

The Logo Protected Area / Scale

"When used as a single item the logo should always have an area of space around it. No other items or lines of text should infringe this invisible zone. Based on the square dimension the logo occupies, the protected area should be 33% of x (x being the logo width) as a square around all four sides."

Usage of the Logo

"The logo must not deviate from its true format and should not be manipulated from its true shape."

Related site: the corporate identity web site

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