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Click here to see the Active Living Activities for September - December 2016

Activities updated 04/11/16

Active Living Programme

We provide a fit for purpose exericse programme for people with long term conditions. These include referrals for Cardiac Rehab participants, Diabetics and those from the MS Therapy centre. People can also self refer with other long term conditions.

Active Living Circuits

Cardiac Rehab Phase IV participants will be referred to the Active Living circuit class. The circuit is designed for people to maintain heart health following a cardiovascular event. The circuit is designed appropriately in line with specific medical guidelines. The class is also suitable for people living with Diabetes. Taking part in the circuit class on a regular basis can help Diabetic individuals reduce the risk of further complications. The class is known to have a positive effect on helping members to control blood sugar levels, manage weight and improve confidence and self-management.

Seniors Exercise Programme

The Active Living exercise timetable is appropriate for our Senior members. For those aged 60 plus, the timetable below provides a wide range of suitable exercise classes for every fitness level.

Click the image below for a larger timetable