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active living programme
we provide a comprehensive programme here at ise for people in our phase IV cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme, have type 2 diabetes, or who have been referred to us.

phase IV classes

participants should be referred from Ninewells hospital.

classes are designed for people to maintain heart health following a cardiovascular event. these classes are designed appropriately and are delivered according to specific medical guidelines.  as well as getting lots of health benefits from taking part in a class, there is access to the wider active living programme. the programme has been running for over 10 years and offers it's members the opportunity to have fun, sociable exercise.  want to know what our current class members say?

diabetes class

leading a physically active lifestyle is essential in the management of diabetes. exercise and activity is proven to have a positive effect on helping to control blood sugar levels, control weight and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.  taking part in a class on a regular basis can help you achieve these things, and you’ll be able to meet lots of other exercisers who have shared the same experiences.  want to find out what they say about us?

active ABC

exercise during and after breast cancer treatment has been shown to improve quality of life. this studio based circuit class is designed for women who want to remain active and combat fatique and post treatment side effects. the session is delivered by a specialised instructor and is based on guidelines for 'exercise and cancer'. participants can be referred by their cancer care team or can self refer to this programme. for further information download the ABC leaflet here.


A bookable appointment time for new and existing members to discuss their exercise and health goals.

timetable for may-december 2015

time mon tues wed thurs fri




aerobics class





aquanastics (10.15am-11.00am)


yoga (chair-based)



phase iv / diabetes circuit

senior circuits

phase iv / diabetes circuit





aquanastics (11.15am-12pm)

gym induction

yoga (chair-based (11.10am-12.10pm)

move more circuits

aquanastics (11.00-11:45am)




yoga (mat)    


phase iv / diabetes class
  consultation (4-4.30pm)      


phase iv / diabetes class

classes in green: specialist populations - referrals only

download a copy of your timetable by clicking the image below.

special gym programmes

as well as specially designed classes, we’ve got specially designed gym programmes for you too.  specialist Populations members get an induction for the gym, showing you how to use all the machines we recommend.  that way you can pop in whenever you like to exercise, at a time that suits you.  staff will always be on hand to answer questions if you have any.  and remember, with your membership you can use the gym as often as you like!

ise events

as part of your membership you can access events at ise. look out for extra events throughout the year. we host a charity walk in april with Breast Foot Forward aimed at raising support for local people who are living with cancer. you can come along and try as many different sessions and events as you like.  they’re all great fun and designed just for you. keep your eyes peeled for more information about individual events.

for any information on how to join any of our active living programme classes or our active living membership, contact Hazel at ise, tel: 385177, email: