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Check out our September 2016 pool timetable for available times. Occasionally we have to close the pool for bookings which may not be already listed on the timetable, to make sure that we keep you as informed as possible we put these closures on our news page, our facebook page and we also display posters at reception both here and at the pool.

New ISE Swimming Programme 2016

The current block of courses will run from 17th September - 1st December

You can view the Swimming Programme application form here. Please note some courses are fully subscribed.

If you would like to place your name on a course waiting list please contact ISE on tel: (01382) 384122 or email:
Course numbers will be monitored and additional courses may be added subject to pool time.

The new Swimming Programme (endorsed & supported by Scottish Swimming)
Following a review of our swimming programme, we are pleased to bring you our new swimming pathway operating from 16th January 2016.
The new, revised Institute of Sport and Exercise's swimming programme will align closely with Scottish Swimming’s framework for swimming in Scotland and will provide:
•      A progressive, all-inclusive pathway endorsed by Scottish Swimming.
•      Qualified and experienced/licenced teachers who receive continuous training/mentoring from Scottish Swimming.
•      A safe, fun and enjoyable environment.
•      Regular feedback and progression using a passport system (reporting swimmer's progress).
•      Good customer care. 
•      Links to Dundee City Aquatics club & other activities.

We will deliver the following elements of the Scottish Swimming framework.

  • Swim Skills 1,
  • Swim Skills 2,
  • Swim Skills 3,
  • Swim Skills 4
  • Club Ready Swim
  • Rookie Lifeguard (2016)

There are 3 overarching national standards: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
The programme provides a fun, progressive and all-inclusive pathway for children to participate in any aquatic discipline to whatever level they aspire to.
The core philosophy is fun, child-centred and is based on establishing the core aquatic skills which are fundamental to a child learning more complex skills.

How to access the Programme?

  • Current lessons & swim club sessions are running but these will end on 30th March.
  • Swimmers in our current programme can book for April from 14th March.
  • The lessons will be open for booking to everyone from 28th March.
  • With the exception of beginners, new participants will first be required to book a swim assessment slot. Our swim teachers will carry out 10 minute assessements to ensure the child enters the new programme at the appropriate level.
  • Those looking to book into the new programme will first be required to book a swim assessment slot.  Our swim teachers will carry out the 10min assessments to ensure the child enters the new programme at the appropriate level. 
  • Assessments should be booked by sending us an email.
  • Once the assessment has been completed, parents will be given an assessment slip from the teacher and this should be handed in with the booking form along with payment (Spaces cannot be reserved).

Other information

  • We will offer new lessons for children age 4 - 16 years.  Adult lessons and one-to-one lessons are also available.
  • The lesson blocks will vary throughout the year (i.e. 6-11 weeks long) and swimmers will retain their space progressing through the programme until the parent decides to move their child out of the programme or, their child reaches the end of the pathway.  
  • Once a course is full, names and contact details can be added to our waiting list.
  • The programme will be reviewed throughout the year to reflect demand and may be subject to change.
  • At the top end of our pathway, swimmers will progress from our new 'club ready' course, equivalent to the top level of our current swim club into either:

(1) our new  'Rookie Lifeguard' Course (Autumn 2016)  
(2) a recommendation to Dundee City Aquatics for competitive club swimming opportunities.
We are excited about the new developments and the partnership with Scottish Swimming and Dundee City Aquatics and are confident this will strengthen swimming within the Institute of Sport and Exercise and across the city. More importantly, we would like to ensure your child has an enjoyable, enhanced swimming experience.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on or call (01382) 384122.

NPLQ courses running at ise in 2016.......

If you are interested in becoming a qualified lifeguard, then you need to be signing up for this course. It's a nationally recognised award and includes a range of water rescue skills and knowledge related to lifeguarding in a swimming pool. We also cover current resuscitation protocol, basic first aid, communication, teamwork, understanding of pool operating procedures and hazards. To register interest or ask any questions, email Stuart Kidd