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Dundee University Sport

Sport is a big part of student life at the University of Dundee. There are over 2500 members of the 43 student sports clubs, with many more students enjoying the excellent sports facilities on campus to meet up with friends, de-stress and enjoy some physical activity.

Most of us that play sport just do it for the sheer fun of it and are certainly not expert – you really don’t need to be any good to take part!  Joining a sports club is definitely one of the best ways to settle into University life:

“the club team has been fantastic for helping me through my first year of uni.
Everyone was so supportive and helpful”

If you happen to be a bit of a sports performer, then our 75+ teams that compete in inter-university, local, regional and national competition should be able to provide for your competitive needs.

Check out the opportunities available on campus competing for our teams, being a member of our clubs or simply having a run-about playing campus sport.