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Job Share / Part-Time Working

Guidance Notes

The University acknowledges a range of Flexible Working Practices and has introduced job share and part-time working in a variety of posts. The right to apply for flexible working is provided for within the Employment Act 2002.

The Job Share / Part Time / Flexible Working Application Form is intended for use when an employee wishes to reduce their working hours. The reduction can be requested either on a permanent or short-term basis.

Applications to work on a job share or part-time basis are welcome from all staffing groups, and no application will be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious belief or age.

Procedure - Request to work reduced hours in current post


The applicant completes section 1 of the relevant form giving details of the hours of work they would like on which days etc and an outline of the effect the change in working pattern will have on the Department.

The completed form should then be sent to the Head of Department/Dean.

The Head of Department/Dean must fully consider the applicant's request and assess the current role of the individual. Account should be taken of the duties, responsibilities, and regular commitments which the individual has. Consideration should be given to the flexibility of the role and the possibilities for redistribution of workload.

Where it is felt that the role does not lend itself to the proposals made by the applicant thought should be given to any alternative fleixble working arrangements which could be accommodated.

Consideration that the position would accommodate a job share arrangement or more than one person working part-time to cover the current working hours should be made.

The Head of Department/Dean should meet with the member of staff to discuss their request within 28 days of receipt of the application and should notify the employee of their decision, in writing, within 14 days of that meeting.

The completed job share / part-time working application form should be sent to Human Resources. If the application has resulted in a change to current contracted working hours, written confirmation of the change and it's effective date should be sent to Human Resources in order that the appropriate amendments be made.

When considering your application for job share / part-time working, your Head of Department/Dean will assess the feasibility in terms of the impact of the work in your department.

A refusal may be based on one or more of the following reasons: