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Physics/Life Sciences student at work

Welcome to Physics at EPM.

Physics is a fascinating subject which not only helps us to understand how the physical universe operates, but also underpins many of the technologies that we use in our everyday lives.

At Dundee much of our research focus is at interdisciplinary boundaries, trying to solve not only big problems in the physical sciences, but also in biology and medical science as well. These research themes underpin our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, developing highly skilled graduates well suited to a wide range of careers upon graduation.

Over the past few years, Physics at EPM has entered into a new and exciting phase of growth, with eminent staff appointments in cutting edge technology sectors such as; renewable energy, nanotechnology, bio-medical physics, optical manipulation and photonics. This continual reinvigoration of Physics at EPM, allows state-of-the-art teaching and research to complement traditional fundamental knowledge transfer, so as to provide excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

We are committed to excellence in both teaching and research, and our division boasts a proud tradition with both endeavours dating back over one hundred years.